Air Venture

FAA Grants Icon Weight Exemption »

The FAA has granted a 250-pound weight increase exemption to Icon Aircraft for its A5 Light Sport amphib to allow the company to incorporate structures to make the aircraft spin resistant. Two years ago, the company announced it had achieved compliance with FAA certification standards for spin resistance but that it couldn't make the 1430-pound maximum weight permitted for amphibious Light Sport aircraft. Icon applied for an exemption based on the premise that the extra weight would allow for a much safer airplane and the FAA, after 14 months, agreed. More

Pelton Could Remain 'Volunteer' EAA Leader »

EAA Chairman Jack Pelton said Monday he could remain the leader of the organization through 2015 depending on the outcome of board discussions this fall. Pelton told a Q&A session with media Monday at AirVenture 2013 that the search for a president/CEO has been suspended as the board considers whether to make those duties the responsibility of the volunteer chairman. More

Honda Flies Conforming HondaJets, Thanks EAA »

The president and CEO of Honda Aircraft Company (HAC) stood before two FAA conforming HondaJets displayed for the first time at AirVenture, Monday morning, and thanked EAA for its support, before the jets flew in formation for the airshow crowd later in the afternoon. HAC President Michimasa Fujino told a crowd gathered at AirVenture's Phillips 66 Plaza that he was inspired by the support of the AirVenture community. "I want to thank you, today, from the bottom of my heart," he said, "I am very honored to share this moment with you." More

Jeppesen Introduces Mobile FD For U.S. »

Jeppesen has introduced the Mobile FliteDeck VFR for U.S. GA pilots to use on iPads. Until now only the IFR version was available but the VFR option has been available in Europe for a year. It offers numerous charting, navigation and flight-planning options with charts and data covering the whole continental U.S. Jeppesen said in a news release that the U.S. release builds on the experience gained from the European introduction and the information is organized to reflect the workflow requirements of the VFR cockpit. More

Epic Aircraft Debuts Mockup Of Production Model »

Epic Aircraft, which has delivered about 50 of its turboprop LT kit airplanes, now is progressing toward a certified version, and this week at EAA AirVenture, the company has a fresh new mockup of the certified aircraft on display. The cockpit features the Garmin G1000 avionics suite, and the cabin has a spacious feel with lots of legroom and big oval windows. "We got that wow factor into the cockpit, so it looks like a Ferrari," Epic spokesman Mike Schrader told AVweb at the show on Sunday. More

Pelton: The Challenges Facing AirVenture 2013 »

EAA faced challenges as it headed into AirVenture Oshkosh 2013 that included new cost burdens and performance cancellations, but EAA Chairman, Jack Pelton, believes the association has overcome. Pelton told us that although military team performances were cut as part of the federal sequester, overall, there would be more performers at AirVenture this year. For pilots, AirVenture 2013 will also offer the most vendors ever, 821 in total, Pelton said. More

Terrafugia Ready For First Public Flights »

Terrafugia has brought its most recent version of the Transition roadable aircraft to EAA AirVenture this week for its first flights before an airshow crowd. The first demo is expected on Monday afternoon, with a second flight Wednesday at 8 p.m., before the night airshow. The airplane will be driven from the Terrafugia booth out to the runway, take off and fly; then after landing, the pilot will fold the wings and drive back to the exhibit, Terrafugia CEO Carl Dietrich told AVweb on Sunday. This is the second prototype, and the design will be tweaked for a third version, now in the works, Dietrich said. More

AirVenture 2013 Product Minute Video: Bendix/King's myWingman »

At AirVenture 2013, Bendix/King released the fourth major upgrade of its popular myWingman navigation app. In this AVweb Product Minute, Bendix/King's Roger Jollis offers a video summary of the new version's major features, including revised operational interface, terrain warnings, and support for major ADS-B/AHRS products such as Clarity, Dual XGPS, and iLevil. More

AirVenture 2013 Product Minute Video: Bad Elf Lightning Dongle GPS »

Bad Elf came to AirVenture 2013 with the Lightning Dongle GPS -- a GPS that plugs directly into the iPad mini Lightning port. It offers better GPS accuracy and faster satellite lock-on than earlier Elf GPS receivers thanks to its WAAS/Glonass GPS receiver. Bad Elf's Brett Hackleman gave AVweb's Larry Anglisano a product tour. More

AirVenture 2013 Product Minute Videos »

There's so much to see and touch at AirVenture that your eyes may tire of looking and your button-pushing finger can get a little stiff. That doesn't deter the AVweb team, however, as they poked, prodded, and otherwise product-tested their way through some of this year's most interesting products in a series of "Product Minute" videos. More