Air Venture

Podcast: AOPA Sweepstakes Airplane »

At EAA AirVenture this week, AOPA is displaying a 1963 Beech Debonair that is in the process of being restored as the prize in their next sweepstakes. AOPA's Tom Horne, who is overseeing the project, spoke with AVweb's Mary Grady about the progress so far and plans to complete the restoration. More

Podcast: GreenWing Ready to Sell Electric-Powered Ultralight Kit »

At EAA AirVenture this week, AVweb's Mary Grady spoke with GreenWing spokesman Eric Bartsch about the company's products and their plans for the U.S. market. The California company, a spin-off of China-based Yuneec, is now selling an electric-powered aircraft as an experimental amateur-built kit. Bartsch said the company is ready and eager to provide more electric-powered aircraft as soon as U.S. regulations allow. More

Podcast: AirVenture Gets First Viewing of 'Planes' »

The Disney animated feature Planes got its first screening Friday at AirVenture. AVweb's Russ Niles spoke with the movie's director, Klay Hall, about the movie and what it might mean for GA. More

Video: Jetman Yves Rossy Describes His Flights »

At AirVenture 2013, Jetman Yves Rossy made his first North American appearance, flying a custom-made personal wing fitted with four microjet engines. AVweb interviewed Rossy between shows on Friday afternoon, and, in this exclusive video, we cut in some stunning aerial and ground footage provided by Rossy's sponsor, Swiss watchmaker Breitling. Rossy describes what it's like to fly his powered wing at speeds up to 190 MPH after launching himself from the skid of a helicopter flying at about 5,500 feet over Oshkosh. More

Video: South Africa to Oshkosh in the Sling4 »

Mike Blyth of Airplane Factory flew one leg of 14 hours over open water with his son in the Rotax-powered kitbuilt Sling4 four-seat light airplane to arrive at the showgrounds of AirVenture Oshkosh 2013. More

Video: NexAir Piper Saratoga NX Refurbishment »

Boston area NexAir Avionics offers partial and complete refurbishment and customization programs for Piper Saratoga aircraft, including the retrofit of Avidyne's R9 integrated avionics suite. Pricing starts at roughly $90,000 for the R9 alone and can top nearly $500,000 for a complete refurbishment. Aviation Consumer's Larry Anglisano took a look at the NX aircraft at AirVenture 2013. More

Video: Adept Airmotive Shows Its V-6 at AirVenture »

Two years ago, a South African startup called Adept Airmotive announced a V-6 engine project, and they're back at AirVenture 2013 with a running example and some test data. The company's Richard Schultz says testing has thus far revealed that at 320 pounds and 320 horsepower, the Adept engine has an excellent power-to-weight ratio, and it addresses one sticky issue in aviation: It doesn't require 100-octane fuel but can operate on lower grades, including mogas and biofuels. Certification, says Schultz, is about two years out. More

Sam LS Available As A Kit »

The retro-look Sam LS, from Canada, which first flew in March, was on display at EAA AirVenture this week, and copies are for sale as a kit. Company president Thierry Zibi told AVweb the aircraft is available as a kit or as sub-kits, for those who prefer to work on the project in smaller chunks -- the wings, fuselage, and empennage can all be purchased separately, at prices ranging from $2,600 to $7,300. All those kits together cost $29,000, and the cost is the same whether they are purchased all at once or piecemeal. More

AOPA Prepares Debonair For Sweepstakes »

AOPA has a strong presence this week at EAA AirVenture, and visitors exploring the central show grounds can find the AOPA sweepstakes airplane on display, a 1963 Beech Debonair, a restoration project still in progress. The engine was in good shape when AOPA acquired it, but it has a completely new avionics panel -- after about four months of work -- and the cabin interior also will get a thorough overhaul. AOPA Pilot editor-at-large Tom Horne has been overseeing the process. "We have full ADS-B, in and out," he told AVweb at Oshkosh this week. "We have electronic charts, and a total of about seven screens in the cockpit. If you get lost in this airplane, you have a serious problem." More

Interview With Yves Rossy, Jetman »

Jetman Yves Rossy sat with AVweb Friday at AirVenture to discuss what it's like to "be the airplane" as he flies with a six-foot-wing and four microturbines strapped to his back. Rossy explained that his motivation for development of the wing had nothing to do with publicity, but "to be free in the air" and to address his personal dream of flight. "An airplane is a compromise," Rossy said, adding that he wanted to "go back to the root, back to the dream, back to the pure flight -- not reinvent another airplane... Be the airplane." More