Air Venture

Video: Bose's New A20 Headset Upgrade »

At AirVenture, Bose introduced some much-wanted upgrades to its popular A20 noise-cancelling headset. AVweb visited the Bose booth and took a listen. In this video, Bose's Hratch Astarjian gave us a detailed tour of the new features. More

Video: FlyThisSim's FM 210 »

FlyThisSim introduced a new floor-mounted simulator Wednesday at AirVenture in Oshkosh. The TouchTrainer FM 210 offers full cockpit controls and panels for more than 100 aircraft models with a 210-degree horizontal view. More

Another Flying-Car Contender At Oshkosh »

It's not EAA AirVenture without a flying car or two, and this year's new design -- which the company says is not strictly a flying car, but a roadable aircraft -- is on display just off the main drag, near the Innovation Center. Commuter Craft, based in Georgia, is displaying a prototype of a three-surface composite airplane with a five-foot-wide cabin and long lanky landing gear. More

Lisa Akoya Development Continues »

The Lisa Akoya amphibian is continuing flight test at home in France, CEO Benoit Senallart told AVweb at EAA AirVenture on Friday, with the aim of achieving LSA certification in early 2017. The tests are meeting expectations, Senallart said. "We're doing a lot of water-taxi testing, on smooth and rough water," he said. "The seafoil fins provide a lot of safety and ease in the water handling." The airplane lands on the hull, and is equipped with two airfoil surfaces on the forward fuselage that project into the water. More

Video: Goodyear's Next-Generation Airship Tour »

Goodyear's newest airship, WingFoot One, represents some of the most modern technology in airship design, including three fly-by-wire vector-thrust Lycoming engines, an all-glass integrated avionics suite and a redesigned semi-rigid carbon-fiber and aluminum structure. In this video, AVweb contributing editor Larry Anglisano takes a tour of the airship at AirVenture 2015 in Oshkosh with Goodyear's aerial broadcasting chief, Joshua Miller. More

Video: Liaoning's New RX1E Electric Trainer »

At AirVenture 2015, a Chinese company called Liaoning General Aviation Academy brought its new RX1E electric trainer. AVweb took a look at the airplane and shot this news video describing the aircraft. More

Podcast: Swift Fuels' Chris D'Acosta on the Road to a 100LL Replacement »

We caught up with Swift Fuels' Chris D'Acosta at AirVenture to discuss the latest developments in the quest for a viable 100LL replacement. D'Acosta also brought us up to speed on his company's efforts toward providing low-octane fuels for underserved portions of the current GA fleet. More