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Podcast: George Bye, CEO of Sun Flyer »

Electric airplanes have generated a lot of interest for their potential to cut costs and complexity in entry-level GA airplanes. George Bye, CEO of Sun Flyer, says his company has blazed a new path for certification that he believes will enable them to bring to market a two-seat electric trainer with a three-hour flight duration that will sell for about $200,000. He explains it all to AVweb's Mary Grady. More

Huerta Disagrees FAA Breaking Law »

FAA Administrator Michael Huerta says he doesn't agree the FAA is acting illegally in its labor dealings with the National Air Traffic Controllers Association. Huerta was responding to allegations leveled by his former director of labor and employee relations that the agency knows it is illegally funding some parts of NATCA's union operations. More

Sun Flyer Promises Three-Hour Flight Time »

The two-seat electric-powered airplane now in development by the Aero Electric Aircraft Corp. will have a flight duration up to three hours, CEO George Bye said at EAA AirVenture this week. The airplane will be certified under Part 21, the FAA's rules for Primary aircraft, which are limited to VFR flying (day and night) and a maximum weight of about 2,700 pounds (Light Sport Aircraft are limited to 1,320 pounds). That higher weight limit, plus a lightweight carbon structure, enables the aircraft to carry up to five batteries, which provide a flight time of almost three hours, Bye said. More

Third Class Medical Progress? »

AOPA says it's endorsing an amendment to a highway bill that will include measures to relax third-class medical requirements for private pilots. The language mirrors that of the Pilot's Bill of Rights 2 but has been proposed as an amendment to the Senate highway bill now before the chamber. More

CAF Boosts Fundraising For D-Day C-47 »

The Commemorative Air Force continued its aggressive fundraising campaign to restore That's All, Brother, the C-47 that led the D-Day Invasion. The historic aircraft, on display this week at AirVenture, drew continuous crowds of visitors who wanted the chance to take a peek inside and learn more about its history. More

Huerta: Change Is Coming, But It's Slow »

FAA Administrator Michael Huerta came to EAA AirVenture this week to take on the usual round of Q & A during the Meet The Administrator session, and addressed recurring issues about how the agency relates to the everyday concerns of GA pilots, and how it's funded. More

Video: Rimowa and the Junkers F13 »

The German luggage company Rimowa, known worldwide for its grooved aluminum-body luggage, has resurrected the historic Junkers F13 airplane that was constructed of the same metal. The company has plans to build and certify it in Switzerland, followed by certification in the U.S. More

Podcast: EAA's Sean Elliott on the Innovation Prize »

EAA this week announced it will fund a $25,000 innovation prize that aims to encourage the development of new ideas to help reduce the number of loss-of-control accidents in the GA fleet. Sean Elliott, EAA's vice president for advocacy and safety, talks with AVweb's Mary Grady about the rationale behind the prize, the results he is hoping for, and how you can participate. More

Podcast: Fuel Update — Avgas Replacement on Track »

Although the FAA and industry have been quiet about it, the effort to find and certify a replacement for leaded avgas appears to be on track toward a 2018 approval, according to Lycoming's Michael Kraft. In a podcast recorded with AVweb's Paul Bertorelli at AirVenture on Wednesday, Kraft said the group overseeing the testing effort, the Piston Aviation Fuels Initiative, will seek congressional authorization to make sure the selected and certified fuels will be legally applicable to the entire GA fleet with no hiccups. More