Air Venture

Interview With NTSB Board Member Earl Weener »

NTSB Board member Earl Weener sat outside at a café at AirVenture with AVweb’s Rick Durden to talk about what the NTSB does, his background in aviation and some of his thoughts on improving aviation safety. More

FAA Will Rewrite Helicopter Rules »

The FAA said on Thursday it will revise the rules that govern helicopter certification, Parts 27 and 29, in a way similar to the effort now underway to revise Part 23 for airplanes. Part 27 addresses certification for rotorcraft weighing 7,000 pounds or less with nine passenger seats or less; anything larger falls under Part 29, the transport category. More

Kitplanes Offers Homebuilders Portal »

"Kitplanes" magazine has introduced a monthly online newsletter aimed at those thinking about building or buying a homebuilt aircraft. The Homebuilders' Portal will assemble archival material from 30 years of Kitplanes articles and columns and organize them into themes for each month's issue. More

Video: Artex 406 MHz ELT System »

406 MHz distress beacons are again gaining market popularity, and ACR Artex brought its new ELT1000 ELT to AirVenture 2014, along with a personal beacon that's budget-priced. In this AVweb Product Minute video, Artex's Mikele D'Arcangelo provides an overview. More

Video: Sun Flyer Electric Trainer »

PC-Aero has been flying its Sun Flyer proof-of-concept solar electric airplane as part of its program to create a two-place trainer intended to reduce the cost of flight training by over half. Company president Charlie Johnson talks with AVweb's Rick Durden about the airplane the company is flying now and the trainer it is developing. More

"One Week Wonder" Day 4: Coming Together »

The first thing this morning, we visited the "One Day Wonder" pavilion in the middle of AirVenture 2014 and checked on the project to build and do initial taxi testing of a Zenith CH 750 kitplane before the convention wraps up Sunday afternoon. More

Breezy AirVenture Crash Victim Dies (Updated) »

EAA confirmed Thursday afternoon that the pilot of a Breezy that crashed at Wittman Field that morning died from his injuries. The female passenger remains in serious condition. Spokesman Dick Knapinski said the names of the victims have not been released nor are the circumstances of the crash known. More

Podcast: AOPA's Mark Baker -- User Fees Still Unacceptable »

Although AOPA's Mark Baker recently traveled to Canada to discuss how that country has integrated user fees for general aviation, he says the association remains unequivocally opposed to user fees. He also told AVweb he expects action from the FAA very soon on the elimination of the Third Class medical. More

Video: Redbird's Flying Challenge Cup »

At AirVenture 2014, Redbird used the show's giant stage to host a competition between the 12 finalists for its Flying Challenge Cup. AVweb talked to Redbird's Jeff Van West and two of the winners. More