Air Venture

Breezy Victims Identified »

The pilot who died on Thursday from his injuries in the crash of a Breezy aircraft at Oshkosh has been identified as James Oeffinger, 75, of Versailles, Kentucky. His passenger, Jennifer Woloszyk, 21, of Elmhurst, Illinois, remains in serious condition. The crash of the custom-built airplane occurred at 9 a.m. on Thursday while attempting to land on the east side of Wittman Regional Airport. More

Video: AVweb Looks at the Sonex JSX Microjet »

At AirVenture 2014, AVweb's editorial team took a video tour of Sonex Aircraft's new JSX microjet. The company's John Monnett gave us an inside look at the jet's construction and performance. More

Video: Continental's New CD300 Diesel »

At AirVenture 2014, Continental Motors introduced its latest diesel powerplant, the CD300. Rhett Ross told AVweb how the company intends to manufacture and market the new engine. More

Podcast: Thinking of Building, Buying a Homebuilt? »

AVweb's sister publication Kitplanes is starting a new monthly newsletter called The Homebuilt Portal for those interested in getting into the homebuilt sector. AVweb's Russ Niles spoke with editor Louise Hose. More

Podcast: Talking Safety with NTSB's Earl Weener »

While visiting AirVenture 2014, NTSB board member and experienced pilot Earl Weener sat down at an outdoor café with AVweb's Rick Durden. Weener talked about his aviation background and what the NTSB does and made some specific air safety recommendations. More

Adept Airmotive's V-6 Aims For Certification »

Adept Airmotive, a South African company, says it continues to make progress with its high performance V-6 gasoline engines and is aiming for a certification program for completion in two years. More

Interview With NTSB Board Member Earl Weener »

NTSB Board member Earl Weener sat outside at a café at AirVenture with AVweb’s Rick Durden to talk about what the NTSB does, his background in aviation and some of his thoughts on improving aviation safety. More

FAA Will Rewrite Helicopter Rules »

The FAA said on Thursday it will revise the rules that govern helicopter certification, Parts 27 and 29, in a way similar to the effort now underway to revise Part 23 for airplanes. Part 27 addresses certification for rotorcraft weighing 7,000 pounds or less with nine passenger seats or less; anything larger falls under Part 29, the transport category. More

Kitplanes Offers Homebuilders Portal »

"Kitplanes" magazine has introduced a monthly online newsletter aimed at those thinking about building or buying a homebuilt aircraft. The Homebuilders' Portal will assemble archival material from 30 years of Kitplanes articles and columns and organize them into themes for each month's issue. More