Air Venture

Video: EAA's Give Flight At AirVenture »

EAA's Give Flight program has five sets of kit wings under assembly on the AirVenture grounds this week. Ron Wagner explains that they will go to five EAA chapters across North America with the goal of launching flying clubs. More

Video: Tecnam P2010 Update »

Having already delivered around 25 of its new single-engine P2010 in Europe under EASA certification, Tecnam is nearing the finish line for FAA certification, as well. We stopped by their display at EAA AirVenture, where Shannon Yeager gave us a look at the four-place, high-wing aircraft. More

Video: Rotax Introduces the 915 iS »

No one was expecting it, but at AirVenture 2015, Rotax introduced a new engine, the 135-hp turbocharged 915 iS. The company says it's expected to be available by about 2017. Rotax/BRP's Marc Becker gave AVweb briefing on the new engine. More

Video: AirVenture Arrival Fly-Along »

You can fly into AirVenture using either VFR or IFR arrival procedures, but both require significant planning, familiarization with the published NOTAM, and a sharp scan of traffic. In this video, ride shotgun with AVweb news team members as they arrive and demonstrate how it's done. More

Podcast: Pilots, Technicians Needed »

Boeing says more than half a million each of pilots and techs will be needed to feed the planet's voracious appetite for air travel over the next 20 years and now is the time to attract them. AVweb spoke with Boeing's Sherry Carbary about how that might happen. More

FAA Addresses Flight Rules For Historic Aircraft »

The FAA on Tuesday announced an end to its four-year moratorium on considering new petitions to conduct "living history flight experiences" in historic aircraft, and detailed the procedures for requesting an exemption. Lifting of the moratorium means new applications can be finalized that would allow flight experiences in airplanes such as World War II warbirds, EAA said. While the change signals "an important first step," according to Sean Elliott, EAA's vice president of advocacy and safety, the organization remains "concerned." More

Boeing Sees Need For 558,000 Pilots »

Boeing says the world will need more than half a million pilots over the next 20 years and it's ramping up its efforts to fill the training gap. At a news conference at EAA AirVenture, Sherry Carbary, VP of Boeing Flight Services, said aerospace will generate $5.6 trillion in revenues in that time as more people gain access to air travel. More

Flight Design Continues Work On C4 »

Flight Design is moving along with its work on its four-seat aircraft, the C4, company leaders said at EAA AirVenture on Tuesday. Since the first flight in April, the proof-of-concept aircraft has flown several more times, performing tests at weights up to 2,640 pounds gross. The aircraft has demonstrated a rate of climb of more than 950 feet per minute, a stall speed of less than 54 knots, and a projected cruise speed of 145 knots. Those numbers are expected to change however, with more detailed testing and more refinements of the design. More

Tecnam P2010 Nearing FAA Certification »

Italian aircraft maker Tecnam announced this week its single-engine P2010 is nearing FAA certification. The four-place, high-wing airplane first flew in 2012 and received its European certification in September 2014. More

EAA's Give Flight Building Wings In A Week »

Five sets of kit wings under assembly on the AirVenture grounds this week will go to five EAA chapters across North America after they're completed. The wing-building program, Give Flight, partners EAA with three kitplane makers Sonex Aircraft, Van's Aircraft, and Zenith Aircraft, along with Aircraft Spruce and Specialty, which is donating tools for the project. More