Air Venture

Video: Bendix/King's KLR10 Angle of Attack Indicator »

Angle-of-attack indicators have become a hot safety-of-flight market item, and at AirVenture 2013, we're seeing more competition in the field. Bendix/King announced its entry into the AoA market with the new KLR10, which uses differential pressure to infer angle of attack and then presents this on a color-coded display in the cockpit, equipped with audio warnings. Initially, the KLR10 will be for experimental aircraft only, but it will soon be certified for all aircraft. More

Video: Natural Gas-Powered Airplane »

Aviat Aircraft's Stu Horn brought an aircraft to AirVenture 2013 that burns traditional aviation fuel (100LL) and can also fly on compressed natural gas. Horn says the first 20 hours of flight testing have started to show that natural gas burns cleaner in the engine, offers more power, and is arguably safer to store than traditional liquid fuels. Horn believes the lower cost of natural gas could become a compelling argument for flight schools and budget-conscious aviators. He also believes that technological advances will quickly result in lighter storage tanks, making the fuel an even more efficient option. More

A Homebuilt Balloon For A Homebuilt Airplane »

Balloon pilot Noah Forden, who is flying his homebuilt ultralight hot-air balloon this week at EAA AirVenture, brought the aircraft here inside another aircraft -- the Van's RV-7 that he built in his garage in Rhode Island. More

Stemme Returns To AirVenture With Two Motorgliders »

Stemme, a motorglider manufacturer based in Germany, returned to EAA AirVenture this week after a break of a couple years, with new management at the helm. Two longtime shareholders -- and Stemme pilots -- have increased their holdings to 70 percent of the company and they named Paul Masschelein, an engineer and experienced executive from Belgium, as the new CEO. "Stemme is here to stay," said Masschelein. "We are creating a future." The company is showing its flagship high-performance motorglider, the S10, as well as the S6, designed for touring. More

AirVenture Air Shows Rock »

The quicker pace suits us, and the Jumbotrons kick it up a couple of notches. More

Oregon Pilot Has Flown 5,300 Young Eagles »

Larry Durst has probably flown more passengers than some charter services but he and his wife Maxine donate their time, energy and airplane to help encourage youth who are interested in flying. The Roseburg, Ore., pilot has flown more than 5,300 Young Eagles in his Cessna 182 since he became involved in the program in 1994. For that, he's the recipient of the Phillips 66 Aviation Leadership Award. More

Tone Changes At EAA AGM »

For the second year in a row, hundreds of EAA members attended the annual EAA business meeting but this yearís mood was entirely different. In contrast to last yearís contentious meeting, the members generally expressed their satisfaction with the evolving direction of the EAA and Chairman Jack Peltonís leadership. Some of last yearís speakers made a point of returning to thank the EAA leadership for listening to their concerns and making notable changes this year. More

CAF Looking For New Headquarters »

The Commemorative Air Force says it wants to take warbirds mainstream with a new headquarters complex in a major urban area. At a news conference at AirVenture Wednesday, CAF President Steve Brown said the idea is to take the organization uptown while preserving and honoring its rural roots. "We want to add," he said. "We don't want to subtract anything." More