Air Venture

AirVenture Air Shows Rock »

The quicker pace suits us, and the Jumbotrons kick it up a couple of notches. More

Oregon Pilot Has Flown 5,300 Young Eagles »

Larry Durst has probably flown more passengers than some charter services but he and his wife Maxine donate their time, energy and airplane to help encourage youth who are interested in flying. The Roseburg, Ore., pilot has flown more than 5,300 Young Eagles in his Cessna 182 since he became involved in the program in 1994. For that, he's the recipient of the Phillips 66 Aviation Leadership Award. More

Tone Changes At EAA AGM »

For the second year in a row, hundreds of EAA members attended the annual EAA business meeting but this yearís mood was entirely different. In contrast to last yearís contentious meeting, the members generally expressed their satisfaction with the evolving direction of the EAA and Chairman Jack Peltonís leadership. Some of last yearís speakers made a point of returning to thank the EAA leadership for listening to their concerns and making notable changes this year. More

CAF Looking For New Headquarters »

The Commemorative Air Force says it wants to take warbirds mainstream with a new headquarters complex in a major urban area. At a news conference at AirVenture Wednesday, CAF President Steve Brown said the idea is to take the organization uptown while preserving and honoring its rural roots. "We want to add," he said. "We don't want to subtract anything." More

AirVenture 2013 Photo Gallery #3 »

Can't make it to AirVenture this year? Photo galleries of the people, products, and planes that make Oshkosh a pilot's paradise will pepper our coverage throughout the week, courtesy of eagle-eyed aviation photographer Mariano Rosales. Of today's gallery, Mariano writes: I had the privilage to ride along with the veteran aviation photo team of photographer Jim Koepnick and photo pilot Bruce Moore during one of their air-to-air photo flights. Their photo plane for this mission was a Beech Bonanza, and Jim was sitting in the back shooting through the open windows. Although Jim is holding the camera, he relies on Bruce to position the subject airplane correctly and to line up the proper lighting angles and backgrounds. Bruce also thoroughly briefs each pilot before the photo flight to explain the mission and go over the procedures. The duo has been flying for years and they fly each mission to perfection. For more information on Jim and Bruce, you can find them on the web at or . More

Video: Super Sealane »

The Cessna 182 is a great cross-country plane. Add some power and put it on amphib floats, and you have a wonderful adventure platform. We take a look at the Seaplanes West Super Sealane. More

Video: BD-5 "Smallest Jet" Flies At AirVenture »

Justin Lewis, a former F-14 and A-10 driver, has updated his homebuilt BD-5 with the help of FLSMicrojet. He was invited to perform at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2013 and, with sponsorship from US Fleet Tracking, brought "the world's smallest jet" back to experimental aviation's biggest stage. More

Jetman Yves Rossy Flies Above AirVenture »

In his first public flight in the U.S., "Jetman" Yves Rossy leapt from a helicopter about 6,500 feet above Oshkosh on Tuesday, and flew above the crowd for just under 10 minutes, navigating among the clouds, powered by his unique strap-on jet system. Jumbotrons scattered around the field helped show-goers to share Rossy's experience. Viewed from ground level, he was a tiny dark triangle, silhouetted beneath the gray clouds. Rossy circled the field several times, and executed an aerial somersault or two. While still about 3,000 feet above the ground, he activated his chute, and floated down to the surface. More

BD-5 Flies At AirVenture »

Former F-14 and A-10 driver Justin Lewis worked to update the BD-5 and was invited this year to fly it over the grand stage of EAA's AirVenture Oshkosh airshow as the FLSMicroJet -- so that's exactly what he did. Lewis said he worked with BD Microtechnologies to help create the FLSMicroJet, a modernized BD-5. The jet weighs 416 pounds empty, has a glass panel, and delivers 265 lbs of thrust that drive it to speeds up to 320 mph. It has a wingspan of just 17 feet and, says Justin, "a CG range of about 2 inches." More