Free "Ten Romeo"!

GUEST EDITORIAL. Last April, renowned educator and humanitarian Dr. Millard Harmon made an emergency landing in Cuba when his Bonanza developed a serious oil leak while on a flight from the U.S. to Grand Cayman. Harmon landed his oil-covered craft in Havana, where Cuban mechanics discovered that the gear-driven alternator was loose. But upon his return to the States, the U.S. Treasury Department said they didn't believe that Harmon's emergency was genuine, and proceeded to confiscate Harmon's aircraft under seizure laws intended to be used against drug smugglers (even though there has never been the remotest suggestion that Dr. Harmon was involved with narcotics). Ron Kensey urges AVweb readers to help Dr. Harmon get his airplane back, and to change the laws that allow the feds to seize aircraft from U.S. citizens without having to prove them guilty of any crime. What happened to the presumption of innocence?

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