FAA Decertifies NavWorx ADS-B Units »

An ongoing dispute between NavWorx and the FAA over the company’s ADS-B navigation units escalated today, as the FAA issued an emergency order suspending the company’s authorization to manufacture the units. The FAA says it has the authority to inspect suppliers’ “quality systems, facilities, technical data, and products to determine whether they meet safety standards,” but NavWorx has “declined on repeated occasions to allow FAA personnel to conduct the required inspections.” More

Podcast: 'Finding Carla' -- Tragedy Leads To Lives Saved »

They say aviation regulations are written in blood, and Alaska pilot Ross Nixon tells a story that makes that clear -- when a family was lost in a California crash in 1957, it was ultimately determined they might have survived if only they'd been found in time. Thanks to that somber event, says Nixon, general aviation aircraft now carry ELTs. More

ADS-B Rebates Up And Running »

The FAA’s long-awaited ADS-B rebate program is now online, and despite a few first-day glitches with the system early Monday morning that were quickly smoothed out, it’s been getting plenty of takers. “We’re up to 1,360 applicants as of the end of the day on Tuesday,” David Gray, the FAA’s program manager for ADS-B, told AVweb Wednesday afternoon. It’s hard to predict if that rate will continue, grow, or decrease, Gray said, but he added it’s in the best interest of aircraft owners to start the process sooner rather than later. More

Fly By Wire For Light Aircraft »

Diamond Aircraft has been working on sophisticated fly-by-wire systems for light aircraft for several years and much of that work goes on at the University of Stuttgart. AVweb recently visited and shot this video on the research being done. More

Dynon Skyview HDX Tour »

Dynon has continued to improve its Skyview EFIS suite, this time with added features in the new HDX model. More

Yingling's New Glass Panel 172 »

At AirVenture 2016, Yingling showed off the next generation of its Ascend refurbished Cessna 172, which features a glass panel from Garmin. As part of AVweb's continuing coverage, here's a video tour of the airplane. More

TruTrak Aims for Affordable Autopilots In Certified Market »

TruTrak is a mainstay in the experimental market with its well-regarded, sophisticated autopilots at affordable prices. Now, following the lead of EAA and Garmin, TruTrak aims to make its new Vizion autopilot available for certified airplanes, starting with the Cessna 172. And this is no stripped-down wing lever, but a full-featured three-axis autopilot that even includes some envelope protection with minimum and maxium airspeed and an emergency wings-level button. More