Outwitting Thor »

A 17,000-hour lightplane pilot offers some fine points on using the sferics technology (as in Stormscopes and Strikefinders) for keeping clear of the nasty stuff. More

The Gyro with an Attitude »

The accident database and university research seem to agree: if your attitudegyro quits while you're in thick soup, you're probably gonna die. So how come you don't have a backup? More

Ode to the Needle-and-Ball »

The gyroscopic turn instrument once represented the cutting edge of aviation technology. Its invention first made "blind flying" possible. But nowadays, eclipsed by fancy HSIs and Flight Directors and stashed away in the lower left corner of the instrument panel, the lowly needle-and-ball has become the Rodney Dangerfield of gyro instruments. So ... how proficient are you at flying partial-panel? More