Safe Flight's Angle of Attack Indicators »

Safe Flight Instrument Corporation is in the process of achieving FAA certification for their new angle of attack and speed control system for Part 23 aircraft. Aviation Consumer's Larry Anglisano flew with the system in Safe Flight's Beech Baron. This video features a tour and wring-out of the new system. More

Learning Your Retrofit Panel »

Like flying a new type of aircraft, major avionics work can mean a huge learning curve. Getting quality formal training and avoiding a complex and nonstandard layout is a smart plan. More

Increasingly, You're Being Watched -- Why That's Good »

The NTSB's recent release of a final report regarding the fatal November 13, 2011, crash of a Cirrus SR-22T shed light on a flight noteworthy for its aerobatics; it also invites speculation regarding the potentially untapped value of recorded flight data in general aviation. More

Tecnam's New LSA Adds Optional Tech Perks »

Tecnam has formally announced the first flight of its Astore, a low-wing metal LSA that comes standard with an iPad mini and an optional Levil AHRS G-mini, which the company plans to showcase together at AirVenture, this year. Levil's product works with the iPad by delivering information from dedicated AHRS to the iPad's display via WiFi. It uses the Apple tablet as a PFD to display digital information and EFIS-like functionality. Tecnam says the Astore's technological integration goes beyond that to include some unconventional perks, like the ability to lock the aircraft by remote control. But some of those perks arrive above the aircraft's $135,000 base price. More

The Magic of MEMS »

These clever little gadgets are why you can buy an impressive portable EFIS for under a grand. More

Pilatus Offers WiFi Connected Panel »

Aspen Avionics has been offering a wifi-connected panel interface in the aftermarket for about a year now, and this week Pilatus announced it will offer its own version of the system as a factory option or retrofit for its PC-12 NG turboprops. Pilatus worked with Aspen, Jeppesen and Honeywell to create four customized applications designed for the PC-12 operators' needs. One app will enable the pilot to wirelessly upload chart, navigation and terrain databases to the cockpit. Pilots also can create a flight plan on an iPad or other tablet and wirelessly upload it to the PC-12 NG flight deck. The other two apps provide wireless downloads of maintenance data and a moving map that can show passengers their current location and ETA on their own mobile device. The system can be installed at a retail price of about $16,500, according to Pilatus. More

Avidyne DFC90 Certified For Bonanzas »

Avidyne Corporation announced the STC certification of the DFC90 plug-and-play retrofit autopilot system for Beechcraft Bonanza applications. The STC, which covers 25 models of the Bonanza, allows the DFC90 to replace existing S-TEC autopilots when interfaced with the Aspen Evolution Pro Primary Flight Display (EFD1000Pro). Avidyne previously certified the drop-in DFC90 with the Aspen PFD in Cessna 182 Skylane series aircraft and with the Entegra PFD in the Cirrus SR20 and SR22. It's also certified in the Piper PA-46 Matrix and Mirage. More

Navy Carrier And Liquid Hydrogen Drone Milestones »

The U.S. Navy this week announced it has -- for the first time -- successfully launched the X-47B combat-capable aerial vehicle from an aircraft carrier and, separately, set a new record for flight endurance with a fuel cell-powered UAV with the Ion Tiger. The X-47B's testing Tuesday saw it launch from the deck of the USS George H.W. Bush during flight operations in the Atlantic Ocean off the Virginia coast. The launch was followed by several low approaches and a flight mission to the naval base at Patuxent River, Md., that also demonstrated a ship-based to land-based transfer of control. Also this week the Navy reported that its Ion Tiger unmanned vehicle set a record for endurance, flying 48 hours and one minute on liquid hydrogen fuel.  More

Production Sovereign Flies »

Cessna has flown the production version of its updated Sovereign mid-sized business jet and, as expected, everything went well. The two and a half hour flight tested all the systems, including the new G5000 avionics suite that includes autothrottles. "The aircraft handling characteristics and performance were exceptional, just as we had anticipated after flying more than 1,300 hours in three test flight articles. The Garmin G5000 avionics system provides a sense of control and situational awareness that any pilot will appreciate," said Matt Freund, Cessna production flight test pilot. More

Garmin: Tablets Have Made an Impact, But Dedicated Portables Aren't Dead »

At Aero 2013, Garmin International expanded its presence with a larger display area and space for demonstrations and training and the company told AVweb that it saw its strongest show yet. In this podcast with AVweb , Garmin VP of aviation sales and marketing Carl Wolf said the company is looking for even stronger results in Europe and has hired dedicated staff to manage the territory. "Not that other shows have more tire kickers, but we can definitely tell the difference. This show definitely has a good feel of qualified buyers and intelligent questions. We have a large presence here with more sales people than we've had before," Wolf said. More