Video: G1000 Retrofits for the King Air »

Garmin has had great success with a G1000 retrofit program for the King Air series. In this video, we take a look at the details of the program. More

New This Week »

Our weekly review of news revealed an announcement for the annual conference of the Air Care Alliance, a newly approved Universal Access Transceiver, the first rebates paid to flying clubs by Sportys and word that AnywhereEducation has stepped up to help out subscribers of some Air Guide Publications. More

Video: Sandia's New Standby Attitude Gyro »

In glass cockpits and even in those where the pilots suffer through the tragedy of flying behind steam gauges, a back-up gryo is a good idea. Increasingly, these are solid-state gyros with their own self-contained ADAHRS and batteries. At AEA in Nashville, AVweb shot this brief product tour of the Sandia Aerospace SAI gyro. Retail price is $3,595. More

Video: FreeFlight's Wireless ADS-B Solution »

With the ADS-B mandate looming five years ahead, we're seeing more products that address this requirement, including this one shown at AEA in Nashville. FreeFlight's wireless Rangr all-in-one box provides ADS-B In and Out and has a wireless adapter to put the weather and other data on a tablet. Price is $5,495. More

AEA Educational Foundation Awards Scholarships »

During the 57th annual AEA International Convention & Trade Show, the Aircraft Electronics Association's Educational Foundation announced the names of 22 individuals who were awarded individual scholarships worth more than $125,000 for the 2014-15 academic year. The AEA Educational Foundation awards scholarships to students pursuing a career in the general aviation maintenance and aircraft electronics industry. More

Video: Aspen's New VFR Product »

At AEA in Nashville, Aspen introduced its new VFR EFIS, an entry-level, affordable glass suite for owners who don't need full IFR capability. AVweb takes a video tour of the new product. More

Garmin Announces AOA, Radar Altimeter At AEA »

Garmin introduced an angle of attack indicator system with the GI 260 that the company says offers "intuitive, safety-enhancing AOA information which is simple to install in GA aircraft." The system, which includes the display, the pitot and the air data computer will sell for $1,499 and operates differently from lift reserve type systems. More

AEA: BendixKing’s Airborne Internet Access »

At AEA in Nashville, BendixKing announced the new AeroWave 100, an Inmarsat-based satellite internet system intended for owner-flown twins and business aircraft. More

Video: AEA Opens In Nashville »

The Aircraft Electronics Association opened in 57th annual convention in Nashville this week with good news: Avionics sales for 2013 were up 6.9% in 2013 over the previous year. In this video interview, AEA's Paula Derks says about 23 new products will be introduced in Nashville. More

AEA 2014: Drone Support Goes Mainstream »

The drone swarms are coming and just like any other aircraft, they'll need service and support. A new company called Robotic Skies intends to see that it's available. More