The "Big Ten Inch" -- Avidyne FlightMax Entegra »

How'd you like to have the front office of your little SEL decked out better than many airliners? And for a fraction of the cost of electronic displays the bizjets have. Avidyne recently certified the first-in-class primary flight display for small GA aircraft, and Dave Higdon has our review. More

Flight Data System's Air-Data Fuel Performance Computer »

In a quest to bring some glass-cockpit technology to their homebuilt, a couple of guys created an air-data computer with a very simple interface, small size, and low price, but with all the necessary features. Mike Corder, like many pilots they met, wanted one for himself and brings us this review. More

Holey Safety Net »

ELTs are there to aid rescuers, but false alarms are compounded by the fact that ELTs usually don't work when they should. This article appeared in the January 2002 edition of Aviation Safety and is reprinted here by permission. More

GPS Jamming »

You think the only time you have to worry about getting your GPS jammed is during wartime? Think again -- these devices are so sensitive that many things could jam them. And a VFR GPS isn't even required to warn you if it is jammed. More

Spotting Trouble »

We're told to stay well away from thunderstorms, but how do you spot embedded ones? Airborne radar is expensive, heavy, and limited in range, and uplink-weather systems are just starting to become available. Lightning detectors ó a.k.a. Strike Finder and Stormscope ó have been around a while, helping small GA pilots spot thunderstorms; but they also have some serious limitations. More

GPS — From VFR to IFR »

You've purchased a new-to-you airplane with a panel-mount IFR GPS -- but the placard reads "VFR-only."† As Larry Anglisano explained recently in Aviation Consumer, you can upgrade your unit to IFR (but you may want to sell it and start from scratch).† Here's what it'll take to make it happen. More

An Avionics Annual »

Every year you have an annual inspection on your plane (or possibly a progressive inspection), but did you know that the FAA also highly recommends that your avionics also have an annual inspection? As the editors of† Light Plane Maintenance recently explained, itís spelled out in some detail in the latest AC 43.13-1B, but there is some bureaucratese to wade through. More

The Future of Avionics »

While the airframe and engine technology used in light aircraft hasn't changed much in the last twenty years, their avionics have progressed at lightspeed. Today's Bonanza, Centurion or Mooney TLS may well sport a GPS, moving map display, sferics weather avoidance gear, even an EFIS. The rapid advance in lightplane electronics will continue, and here's a peek at what you can expect next. More

Update: The New 406 MHz ELTs »

Now that several manufacturers have come to market with new 406 MHz ELTs, and some have become available that transmit on both the old (121.500 and 243.00 MHz) and new (406 MHz) frequencies, you may be wondering if you should replace your aging ELT or just stick with what you have. AVweb's avionics guru explains that the new units have some compelling advantages, but suggests it might be a bit early to switch and offers some knowledgeable guidance. More