FAA ADS-B Rebate: Limited Time, Limited Number »

The FAA announced Monday that it will offer $500 rebates to owners who install ADS-B Out systems, but the program will be limited to one year and 20,000 owners on a first-come, first serve basis. Furthermore, because the FAA believes single-engine piston owners may be the most reluctant to equip with ADS-B, rebates will apply only to single-engine piston aircraft. New aircraft and owners who have already equipped will not be eligible, according to FAA Associate Administrator Michael Whitaker. More

Cub Crafters Rolls Out New XCub »

Cub Crafters, well known for its high-performance Carbon Cub LSA, has rolled up a new Part 23 airplane called the XCub. Based on the Carbon Cub, which is itself an offshoot of Piper's original Super Cub, the new aircraft is lighter and faster than previous entrants in the utility market and the company is calling the new airplane a sport utility aircraft. More

FAA's ADS-B Rebate »

Regardless of the amount or the terms, owners aren't likely to get a better offer. Anyone who has to fly in mandated airspace should get serious about equipping. More

FAA Will Reportedly Offer $500 ADS-B Rebate »

The FAA and Department of Transportation are expected to announce at dual press conferences on Monday that the agency will try to stimulate lagging ADS-B sales by offering owners who install systems a $500 cash rebate. More

Have We Hit The Trifecta? »

The Part 23 revision, Third Class Medical reform and non-certified avionics approvals are coming together all at once. (Sort of.) It may not signal happy days, but I'll take it. More

Buttonology »

To cope with panels that are smarter than you, learn the system's flow and which buttons to push, then confirm with a checklist. More

AEA: Companies Look For Diversity In Avionics Market »

Avionics sales might have had a slow start to the year with a drop in first-quarter numbers reported, but companies attending this week's Aircraft Electronics Association show in Orlando have been optimistic about diversifying their offerings of cockpit systems and improvements on existing products. While last year's wave of new ADS-B products seems to have tapered off, a walk through AEA's exhibit hall shows that manufacturers have been ramping up the competition. More

Podcast: FreeFlight Systems On ADS-B At AEA 2016 »

FreeFlight Systems has been getting the word out in the past year on cost-effective ways for aircraft owners to comply with the ADS-B Out mandate effective Jan. 1, 2020. More

Aero: Honda Delivers To Europe »

With nearly five months of certification behind it and production ramping up, Honda announced at Aero Wednesday that is has delivered the first HA-420 HondaJet to Europe. Although the airplane has appeared previously at Aero in mockup form, this week's announcement marked the first time the actual aircraft has appeared at Aero. The airplane will be operated by Rheinland Air Services, one of three regional Honda aircraft dealers in Europe. More

Aspen Displays Now Compatible With Garmin ADS-B »

Aspen Avionics received supplemental type certification (STC) to interface its Evolution primary and multifunction display systems with Garmin's latest ADS-B systems. More