Video: Garmin's Bluetooth Audio Control Panel »

Garmin's new GMA350C-series Bluetooth audio panel has direct wireless connection with smartphones and the Garmin Pilot tablet app for iPad and Android devices. Aviation Consumer editor Larry Anglisano plugged in to the system for a demo with Jessica Koss from Garmin while at AirVenture 2015 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. More

BendixKing Introduces KI-300 Retrofit Electronic Attitude Gyro »

At AirVenture 2015 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, BendixKing announced a replacement for the venerable KI-256 mechanical attitude gyro—the KI-300 retrofit electronic attitude gyro. Starting at $4995, the KI-300 is aimed at a wide variety of applications and promises to solve expensive repair and overhaul intervals of the vacuum-driven KI-256 instrument, while also increasing reliability since it doesn't rely on the vacuum system. More

Aspen Avionics Acquires Accord Technology »

Aspen Avionics announced this week that it has acquired Accord Technology, a U.S.-based company that supplies certified GPS receivers for the aviation market, mostly for use in mandate-compliant ADS-B equipment. Accord has been an assembly and distribution arm for Accord India, which develops and manufactures GPS receivers for a broad range of markets. More

Video: TKM Avionics' Return to Market »

After several years of market silence, Scottsdale, Arizona-based TKM Avionics is under new ownership and says it's working hard to improve the factory support of existing TKM slide-in radios while also planning an improved product line. "Aviation Consumer" editor Larry Anglisano talked with TKM's Joe Gavin at Sun 'n Fun 2015 in Lakeland, Florida, for an update on the company. More

How MEMS Get Educated »

Without these clever little motion sensors, the modern AHRS-driven EFIS might not exist, much less at an affordable price. But right out of the box, these chips aren't so smart. More

Autopilot Repairs: Worth a Try »

It wasn't long ago that an entry-level, two-axis autopilot was priced around 10 grand—including installation. Today, that price is double. Add some options and the bottom line could soar toward $30,000. These big proposals have many owners repairing older autopilots. But as service parts for older systems become obsolete, repair costs are high, downtime is increased and factory flat-rate pricing makes the repair questionable. More

Airline Foot Dragging on ADS-B »

Seriously, they're just now realizing the mandate is in 2020? Hardly. Like so many buyers, it's about not wanting to let go of the Benjamins until the bitter end. More

Podcast: Preparing For Failures In An Electric Future »

Heading into a world of electric aircraft, we need to know on which systems we can rely and to what extent. Michael Ricci from LaunchPoint Technologies spoke with AVweb at the Electric Aircraft Symposium about parallel redundancy, failure mitigation, and how fly-by-wire has set the standard for reliability in future designs. More

Aircraft Autonomous Flight: Sooner Than You Think? »

Is truly autonomous flight for aircraft—manned or not—lurking just around the corner? It depends on how you define around the corner, but some people in the autonomous flight field think it could be a reality within a decade and electric propulsion will both hurry it along and play a major role in its development. More