Modern Flight Systems Redefining Good Pilots »

After two recent high-profile crashes (UPS and Asiana Airlines Flight 214), both involving fatalities, media reports have questioned the role of automation in the cockpit and in the opinion of former Northwest Captain and current Embry Riddle educator Jack Panosian, those concerns may not be unfounded. Panosian told AVweb Thursday that his observation is that stick and rudder skills may be falling down the list of important assets required by professional pilots -- but that's not entirely bad. Modern jets, he says, generally are not hand-flown aircraft and some have been designed from the outset to be flown for nearly the entire flight on automation. More

Not Bullish on AoA Indicators (Yet) »

The latest wave of group think in aviation is washing over angle of attack indicators. Several companies are producing them. But unless the industry gets serious about training to use these gadgets, they may not have much effect. More

NavWorx Certifies ADS-B Receiver »

As the ADS-B mandate draws nearer, the market for certified ADS-B equipment is heating up. This month, Texas-based NavWorx announced that it has just obtained FAA TSO approval for its ADS600-B, a Universal Access Transceiver that provides both ADS-B In and Out capability and meets the 2020 mandate. More

Video: Electronics International Unveils New Multi-Purpose Instrument »

While old airframes may keep soldiering on, the instruments and radios in the panels usually don't. At AirVenture this year, Electronics International rolled out a new instrument designed to replace older instruments, including tachometers, engines instruments, and other indicators. In this video, EI's Tyler Speed gives us a quick product tour of the new CGR-30P. More

Autopilot Repairs: Worth a Try »

Avidyne’s drop-in DFC90 betters the performance of an existing S-TEC 55. For some older systems, rebuilding is cheaper than replacement. More

Video: PS Engineering's PAR200 Multi-Function Audio System »

There's a need for affordable audio system upgrades for basic aircraft. PS Engineering attempts to answer the call with the PAR200 -- a three-in-one system that combines an advanced audio panel, a stereo intercom, and a remote comm radio. In this video, Aviation Consumer's Larry Anglisano takes a look at the unit during it's introduction at AirVenture 2013 at Oshkosh. More

AirVenture 2013 Product Minute Video: ForeFlight 5.3 Preview »

As AirVenture 2013, ForeFlight was showing off the latest version of its popular app, and it now includes Canadian charts, a unique plate overlay feature, and helicopter charts for U.S. pilots. In this AVweb Product Minute, ForeFlight's Jason Miller gives us a tour of the app's new high points. More

AirVenture Tech Bits »

Oshkosh always yields a few head turners. Here's a look at three of them. More

Video: NexAir Piper Saratoga NX Refurbishment »

Boston area NexAir Avionics offers partial and complete refurbishment and customization programs for Piper Saratoga aircraft, including the retrofit of Avidyne's R9 integrated avionics suite. Pricing starts at roughly $90,000 for the R9 alone and can top nearly $500,000 for a complete refurbishment. Aviation Consumer's Larry Anglisano took a look at the NX aircraft at AirVenture 2013. More

Video: Jeppesen's New App for the VFR Pilot »

The general trend in tablet apps is to add ever more features as a competitive edge. But at AirVenture 2013, Jeppesen took a different tack, introducing Mobile FliteDeck VFR, an app intended for the less demanding needs of the VFR-only pilot. More