ADS-B In Gets Cheap(er) »

But it hasn't been than expensive to begin with. Why do so few pilots have it? Evidently, they don't see the value. More

SPONSORED VIDEO: ADS-B University, Chapter 2 — The Ins and Outs of ADS-B »

FreeFlight Systems, your nextgen avionics leader, presents a five-part short course on ADS-B and what it means for you. In the second installment, Pete Ring takes you inside the dual-link network that powers the system, demystifying the differences between 1090ES and 978 UAT and between TIS-B and FIS-B. More

Video: Sandel's New Avilon Glass Panel »

Sandel surprised the NBAA show with a complete new glass panel system for the King Air. AVweb spent some time with Sandel's Gerry Block taking a tour of the new system. More

Sandel Announces New Glass Panel »

Sandel Avionics, a niche player best known for its TAWS units and other specialized cockpit instrumentation, plans to take on the likes of Garmin, Collins and Honeywell with what it describes as the most advanced and sophisticated glass cockpit yet. At the NBAA convention in Las Vegas Monday, Sandel's Gerry Block unveiled the new Avilon system, which he said will be primarily aimed at the King Air retrofit market. For as surprising as the announcement itself was, the price is even more of an eye-opener: Sandel promises a $175,000 fly-away price for retrofits, a sticker that's half the price (or less) of competing systems. More

Bad Elf Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Lower ADS-B Portable Prices »

Phoenix-based Bad Elf is best known for its portable remote GPS receivers for tablets, but now it plans to disrupt the portable ADS-B market with products costing as little as $299 for ADS-B In displaying traffic and weather on tablets. The company has been testing prototypes for several months and this week, it's launching a Kickstarter program to continue development with a goal to bring products to market sometime in mid-2016. Bad Elf's Brett Hackleman told AVweb that the company hopes to raise about $500,000 in Kickstarter funds. He described the products in detail in this exclusive podcast. More

Video: Installing Avidyne's Slide-In IFD440 Navigator »

Now that Avidyne's IFD440 hybrid touch GPS navigator is certified and shipping, the company is putting a sharp focus on the experimental and kit aircraft market. This includes builders with existing Garmin GNS navigators. In this video, Kitplanes magazine contributing editor Larry Anglisano, along with Avidyne's Tom Harper, shows how to transition from an existing GNS430W to a slide-in IFD440, including configuration and setup of the new Bluetooth keyboard. More

SPONSORED VIDEO: Electronics International's MVP-50T Goes Ag Flying in the Huey, the Thrush, and the Airtractor »

The Electronics International crew drove down to Arbuckle California to meet up with Pacific Valley Aviation's Darren Miller for two days of filming. Miller and his crew fly ag planes for a living. His livelihood depends on speed and dependability, which is why he's chosen to fly with Electronic International's MVP-50T. The MVP-50T is the engine monitor of choice for both Thrush and Airtractor aircraft. A state-of-the-art digital engine monitor that offers the features pilots need to fly safe and protect their investment, the MVP-50T is a superstar in EI's line-up of products. More