Trig Introduces VHF Comms, Audio Panel »

U.K.-based Trig Avionics has been a go-to company for small radios and transponders that fit into a standard instrument hole and now the company is expanding into the rack-mount market. At the Aircraft Electronics Association Convention in Dallas, Trig announced two panel-mount comm radios with unique features. More

Google Getting Into ADS-B? »

With new ADS-B products emerging about every other month, a surprise entrant into the dependent surveillance market may be search giant Google. According to a report in FlightGlobal, at an ICAO meeting last month, Google exec Dave Vos, who heads the company's Project Wing internet effort, said the company is considering flooding the market with inexpensive ADS-B equipment in order to pave the path for the fleet of UAS delivery drones it envisions for the not-that-long-term future. More

AEA: Aspen Introduces AoA System »

While the rest of the world pedals hard to keep up with ADS-B, Aspen Avionics announced a surprise new product at the Aircraft Electronics Association show in Dallas on Wednesday: a sophisticated angle- of-attack system for its popular Evolution line of PFDs and MFDs. Aspen joins a small number of companies offering AoA systems, but the company has taken a decidedly different and creative approach to sensing and displaying AOA. More

AEA: Yet More ADS-B Products Emerge »

If avionics shops and would-be buyers are still lacking for choices in the ADS-B market, they got several more to pick from on Wednesday at the Aircraft Electronics Association convention in Dallas. Three companies announced a total of six new ADS-B products, bringing to nearly 40 the number of mandate-ready ADS-B solutions of some kind. More

Podcast: FreeFlight's Tim Taylor Says Time to Equip for ADS-B Is Here »

AVweb's Paul Bertorelli spoke with Tim Taylor of FreeFlight Systems about the company's EquipIt 2020 initiative, which aims to provide low-cost equipage options to meet the FAA's coming ADS-B mandate. With the Aircraft Electronics Association show going on now in Dallas, Taylor explained the logistics of FreeFlight's RANGR Lite system, encouraged owner-pilots to equip sooner rather than later, and answered that all-important question: Does he see ADS-B getting any more affordable than it already has? More

Podcast: AEA President Paula Derks Previews the 2015 Show in Dallas »

Ahead of the 2015 Aircraft Electronics Association trade show, we reached out to AEA president Paula Derks for her show forecast. She answered a few questions about the ADS-B mandate and what FAA nextgen specialist Mike Whitaker may have to say at the show, as well as hinting at some of the product announcements in store. More

Video: L-3 Aviation Lynx ADS-B Solutions »

L-3 Aviation was among several ADS-B manufacturers presenting new, mandate-compliant solutions to the flight training community at the 2015 National Training Aircraft Symposium (NTAS) at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida. In this video, "Aviation Consumer" editor Larry Anglisano presents an overview of the Lynx product line with L-3's Todd Scholten. More

FreeFlight Announces Low-Cost ADS-B Out System »

FreeFlight Systems will offer an ADS-B Out system with a price tag of under $2,000. The company will officially launch its Equip-It 2020 packages on April 8, the opening day of this year's Aircraft Electronics Association Convention in Dallas. Equip-It 2020 will include FreeFlight's RANGR Lite in two options, ADS-B Out, which will meet the 2020 equipment requirement, and ADS-B In/Out, which will have the added weather and traffic capabilities. More