The Cessna, The Sky ... and the Cartoonist: Comments By Reviewers

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John Ewing's book already has reviews by several well-known men of letters -- read them here.

Cessna & Cartoonist

If you've already read the first chapter in the book, "The Cessna, The Sky ... and the Cartoonist," then see what the reviewers say about it!

"The best read I've had in many years; the spelling is almost up to the 50% mark and the punctuation is highly imaginative." -- W. Shakespeare

"I had thought that pilots were a harebrained lot and it is doubly rewarding that Mr. Ewing has, with this booklet, taken such giant strides in allowing me to maintain that opinion." -- Lincoln

"Such delicate and descriptive prose is rarely seen on bookshelves, and Mr. Ewing's classics sure to occupy the same lofty ranks in literature as" Dick, See Dick, See Dick run." -- O. Khayyam

"What the Hindenburg did for the Zeppelin industry, this booklet is sure to do for aviation." -- C. Lindburgh

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