Embracing Risk »

If we want to become old pilots, we sometimes have to be bold ones, too. More

Visiting the DC-3 Airports »

Despite post-9/11 security paranoia, three general aviation airports near the US capital remain accessible. Their existence is a case study in determination and survival. More

Checkrides: The Examiner's View »

What does an examiner look for when you walk through the door with a fresh application form and a smiling face? More

Keeping Batteries Going »

A lead acid battery slowly self-destructs from non-use as it spontaneously self-discharges with the simple passage of time. More

Partial Panel Peculiarities »

In developing IFR training scenarios, it's important to tailor the training to the actual configuration of the aircraft with regard for the likelihood of multiple unrelated simultaneous failures. More

DiamondShare: Buy It To Share It »

DiamondShare, a cost-sharing program for new Diamond DA40 XLT aircraft, isnít designed to be a cheaper way to fly. Instead, it's intended to make the cost of new aircraft ownership easier to justify, especially for owners that donít plan to fly more than 100 hours per year. More

EFIS Backups: Worth the Expense? »

A backup EFIS display can function as a mini PFD should your primary display fail. Not only does this eliminate awkward partial panel scan, it offers additional gee-whiz appealófor a cost. More

Five Landing Fixes »

A good landing results from a good approach, and a good approach starts with a well-flown pattern More

Are You Ready To Copy? »

Revised clearances are a way of life in the IFR world. Techniques to handle them requires forethought. More