Increasingly, You're Being Watched -- Why That's Good »

The NTSB's recent release of a final report regarding the fatal November 13, 2011, crash of a Cirrus SR-22T shed light on a flight noteworthy for its aerobatics; it also invites speculation regarding the potentially untapped value of recorded flight data in general aviation. More

A Visit With Trade-A-Plane: Selling Airplanes in the Digital Age »

Before there was eBay, craigslist and controller.com, not to mention web sites for every imaginable aircraft marque, the one and only place you looked for a used airplane or obscure parts to fix one was Trade-A-Plane , the iconic yellow shopper that, for many of us, was and is a dreamsheet. More

Risk Management, Military Style »

Especially in military operations, it's impossible to eliminate risk, but it can be minimized. Many of their risk-management techniques can apply to your flying. More

AFSS's New SpiderTracks Active Flight Tracking, And More »

For over two years, Lockheed Martin has been investing heavily to develop new applications to bring to its Flight Services, seeking to create what it hopes will be a significantly more useful platform for pilots, but pilots are no longer the only direct users the company targets. More

Insurance for Seniors: 70 is the New 65 »

The insurance market for older pilots isn't as grim as it once was. Stick with the same company, fly often and get recurrent training. More

Freedom to Choose »

Operational guidelines followed by professionals would not have allowed a circling approach into the weather, terrain and lighting conditions this pilot attempted. More

The Magic of MEMS »

These clever little gadgets are why you can buy an impressive portable EFIS for under a grand. More

Big Blows »

Flying safely in high wind conditions is a matter of adopting the proper technique for your aircraft's weight and configuration. One complication with which we pilots must always contend is wind. It can complicate a takeoff or landing, force heading changes while en route, mandate a fuel stop when stronger than forecast and make an otherwise smooth ride uncomfortable when blowing over uneven terrain. Learning to deal with the wind is one of the major lessons of primary training, yet the accident record demonstrates many of us still haven't mastered the challenge. More

The Pilot Shortage Crisis Is Nigh! … Or Not »

People in the aviation industry have been talking about a looming U.S. pilot shortage for decades, but you may be hard pressed to find anyone in the U.S. who's actually experienced one during the past 20 years. Actually, 20 years ago, I remember receiving materials from an outfit that explained just how strong the demand would soon be. Now, the warnings are back (if they ever went away). So, should you believe them this time? If you think the hype is overblown, you're not alone. More

Cessna 152 vs. LSA: Vintage Wins the Day »

On the flight training line, ancient 152s can still be more profitable, chiefly because LSAs lack a mature parts chain and repair support infrastructure. More