Too Laid-Back? »

Glass panels haven't yet delivered the promised increase in safety. Is greater technology leading to greater complacency on the part of pilots, thus defeating the value of improved technology? More

Real-World Nordo »

The good news is that today's avionics make lost communications increasingly rare. Yet, it does happen. Two real-world success stories provide guidance for dealing with the problem. More

What’s Cold For a Piston Aircraft Engine? »

When is it too cold to start an airplane engine? And, will you damage it by starting without preheat? We've got the answers to those questions, and more. And, yes, you can seriously damage your engine with a cold start done wrong. More

Avionics Outlook: Competition, Lower Costs »

If the Part 23 rewrite doesn’t lower costs, the struggling market might have to rely on increased competition and simpler products to get it done. More

Self-Fueling: Legalities and Risks »

Self-fueling has two meanings: Bringing your own fuel to your airplane and using a self-service facility on an airport. Both are perfectly legal and safe, so long as sensible safety rules are followed. More

Embracing Risk »

If we want to become old pilots, we sometimes have to be bold ones, too. More

Visiting the DC-3 Airports »

Despite post-9/11 security paranoia, three general aviation airports near the US capital remain accessible. Their existence is a case study in determination and survival. More

Checkrides: The Examiner's View »

What does an examiner look for when you walk through the door with a fresh application form and a smiling face? More

Keeping Batteries Going »

A lead acid battery slowly self-destructs from non-use as it spontaneously self-discharges with the simple passage of time. More

Partial Panel Peculiarities »

In developing IFR training scenarios, it's important to tailor the training to the actual configuration of the aircraft with regard for the likelihood of multiple unrelated simultaneous failures. More