Respect the Holiday Season Pressures »

Welcome to the start of the Holiday Season—Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas, New Year—the highest stress time of the year. Welcome to the season of intense pressure, spoken and unspoken, to make that flight you're planning to be with family. So, respect that pressure when you're making your go/no go decision. More

Batteries — Dying Young »

Batteries are often crippled from the outset–that may be a bit of hyperbole, but it may be other causes than the battery maker responsible for problems with short lived or early failed batteries, especially with flooded cells. More

VTOL Hybrids for General Aviation? »

Two VTOL hybrid (wings for horizontal flight) concept aircraft have recently made the news, one designed for cargo and one that is roadable and designed for personal transport. We sniffed around to learn a little more. Despite huge engineering challenges, we think there is potential. Maybe we're overly optimistic, but we're hoping for VTOL hybrids to come to the general aviation world. More

Categories of the ILS »

The category of ILS approach refers to how low a visibility you can legally fly your airplane down to during the approach. Here's what they are and who and what can fly the various categories. More

What's In Aviation's Future? »

In Brainteaser Quiz #200, we asked readers to forecast where aviation will be when Quiz #400 appears. Readers were quick to respond with the insightful discussion we've come to expect from respondents whose identities remain anonymous, the hallmark of a sound, Web-based survey. More

VirtualAirplaneBroker.com: Helping Owners Sell Their Airplanes »

We looked at virtualairplanebroker.com, which says it provides the tools to help sellers sell their airplanes quickly for $1099, plus advertising costs—using the Internet to do much of what a broker does, but for a much lower cost. It looks like a good deal for those who want to sell an airplane. More

Used Aircraft Guide: Piper Saratoga and Lance »

All airplanes are compromises. Since most of us lack an unlimited budget, we're often forced to choose between going fast in a relatively small cockpit or dragging around a larger cabin more slowly. The Lance/Saratoga series are big cabin birds that get us there just fine and let us carry all the stuff we need. More

It Wasn't Remarkable »

The aircraft involved was a 1973 Cessna T210L. It had a current annual inspection, was ADS-B compliant, had a GPS approved for IFR operations and the database for the avionics was found to be current. The aircraft was not approved for flight into known icing conditions, a concern for the planned October flight into the vicinity of the Rocky Mountains. More

Making IMC Transitions »

Mark Twain once said, "If you hold a cat by the tail, you learn things you cannot learn any other way." That's also true of flying a Cat I ILS to minimums. No amount of training, except maybe in the best simulators, prepares you for what it's like to reach DA and see … very little. More

Freedom To Choose »

As instrument pilots flying under Part 91, we have a choice. We can either use Part 91 to its full legal limits, as our personal operations manual, or we can learn from our safer brethren who fly for a living and voluntarily curtail some of our Part 91 freedom in trade for a safer flight experience. More