Are You Ready To Copy? »

Revised clearances are a way of life in the IFR world. Techniques to handle them requires forethought. More

Is Owning Safer? »

The biggest detriment of aircraft ownership is familiarity's evil twin: complacency. More

Is Flying a Right or a Privilege? »

Brainteaser 188's Question 11 was a bonus survey poll that asked if flying was a right or a privilege. Reader responses played out this way ... . More

Linear Air: Cirrus For Hire »

With air conditioning, known-ice certification, an ultra-modern—yet sporty cabin, advanced avionics and a parachute, the current Cirrus SR22 is arguably the first piston-single general aviation aircraft that can be effectively marketed as an air taxi aircraft. More

The Unflyable Clearance »

The regulations state that when a pilot is uncertain of an ATC clearance, that pilot shall immediately request clarification from ATC. More

Retrofit Checklists: Test Flying, Familiarity »

You can avoid stress, while increasing safety, by approaching an avionics retrofit delivery process with the proper mindset. This includes crafting your own delivery checklists of items to look for before, during and after the shake-down flights with the new equipment. More

Autopilot Automation: Friend and Foe »

Vulnerable. That’s essentially how Eric Geisleman and a group of aviation safety researchers described flight crews when it comes to operating the flight control systems in transport-category aircraft. More

Glass Panel Upkeep »

Maintaining glass panels means complying with FAR inspections, upgrading software and swapping pricey sensors. More

Owner Oil Changes »

A strong case to change your own oil can be made. You certainly can save a fair amount of money, especially if you get your oil by the case, but more importantly, it puts you in touch with your engine’s lifeblood. You can see how it looks and feels from change to change; smell any burned odors, feel it between your fingers for any grit. More