The Making of the World's Largest Skydive »

The world's most experienced skydivers recently met in Thailand to build a record, 400-way formation. What did it take? The resources of an entire air force, 300 tons of Jet-A, a trainload of oxygen bottles and the determined endurance of a marathon runner, according to AVweb's Editorial Director (and skydiver) Paul Bertorelli. More

2005 Year In Review »

Disaster, exultation, milestones, conflict, celebration, tragedy, and remembrance ... in 2005, the world of general aviation saw all that and more. Here's our year-end review of the news, with links to AVweb's original coverage for more details. More

Katrina Search and Rescue »

While GA provided lots of help in the days after this summer's hurricanes, the bulk of search and rescue was provided by the U.S. Coast Guard. There were thousands of stories of amazing heroics and bravery by both rescuers and survivors; this is just one of them. More

Photos from the Landing of JetBlue Flight 292 »

In case there was any doubt that the damage to JetBlue's A320 was slight, despite all the media attention and melodrama surrounding its live-televised landing with a twisted nosegear last month, we have pix of the aftermath. More

Associations Request IRS Delay Implementation of Fuel Tax Changes »

A recent legislative change to the taxation of jet fuel is creating significant concerns for commercial and private aircraft operators as well as fuel vendors. The National Air Transportation Association (NATA) and National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), along with tax experts, FBOs, air charter operators and private aircraft owner-operators are now working on developing industry guidance to aid in the transition to this new process for taxes and refunds related to jet fuel. The group is also working on strategies to mitigate the effects of this change. More

Katrina: The GA Response »

When Hurricane Katrina left the Gulf Coast devastated, general-aviation aircraft and pilots were there to help. AVweb reports on what has been done so far and what else we can do. More