Glass Panel Upkeep »

Maintaining glass panels means complying with FAR inspections, upgrading software and swapping pricey sensors. More

Owner Oil Changes »

A strong case to change your own oil can be made. You certainly can save a fair amount of money, especially if you get your oil by the case, but more importantly, it puts you in touch with your engine’s lifeblood. You can see how it looks and feels from change to change; smell any burned odors, feel it between your fingers for any grit. More

Ship's Weather Radar Upgrades »

There’s no question that weather radar maintenance and upgrades can be pricey—potentially several thousands of dollars for repair—and tens of thousands for upgrade. On the other hand, ship’s radar can expand your mission. More

The Refurb Aircraft Market: It's Bigger Than You Think »

Stratospheric new aircraft prices have opened new markets for capable, older airframes. The trend appears to be gaining traction as more shops and businesses cater to brining older airframes up to new standards with modern avionics, fresh interiors and paint. More

Knowing Known Ice »

Transitioning to your first aircraft that has ice protection equipment beyond a heated pitot tube is a big step for a pilot. Having a full complement of ice protection usually gives pilots warm fuzzy feelings about being able to complete more trips and handle any ice related problems that arise. More

Is That Too Much Airplane For You? »

With used aircraft pricing at an all-time low, it’s easy to get sucked into a convincing fantasy that the airplane of your dreams is also one fitting your skills, operating budget and mission. More

Bendix King KSN770 Safety Display »

For years Garmin has owned the retrofit GPS market but Bendix King hopes to change that with the KSN770. It has a combination of touch and hard controls, open architecture and a familiar feature set. More

Five Twin Training Tips »

My actual single-engine landing was less than a month after receiving my ME rating, with a failed “critical” engine. My confidence went up greatly after that. More

Seven IFR Prep Tips »

Preparation is the best hedge against unhappy surprises when flying IFR, regardless of the weather. More

Aviation Access Project: Fractional LSA »

Aviation Access Project offers pilot's flexible shared ownership by purchasing a quarter, eighth, or sixteenth share in an advanced light sport model. More