The New ATP—A Brief Window Before the Sky Falls? »

Following the 2009 Colgan Air Flight 3407 crash near Buffalo, New York Congress and the FAA mandated extraordinarily expensive changes in the training requirements for the Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate. The ATP changes have almost all phased in, but a few months are left before the most onerous one becomes effective. Pilots seeking an ATP should do all they can to pass the written before August 1, 2014 or face additional training estimated to cost over $15,000. More

Used Aircraft Guide: Cessna 120/140 »

The first of the post-war Cessnas to be built in volume was the diminutive Cessna 140, followed a month later by a stripped-down model called the 120. At the time, the Cessna 120/140s were perfectly serviceable and practical two-place airplanes. They were reasonably priced to buy and economical to own. Although they all initially had fabric wings, they were made mostly of metal, avoiding the periodic need for recovering. More

GAMIjectors—18 Years of Precision Fuel Injection »

After selling over 22,000 sets of GAMIjectors that help aircraft owners save over a million gallons of avgas a year through lean-of-peak operations GAMI now makes precision fuel injectors for almost every fuel-injected, general aviation airplane. Here's a review of the engine power curve and why lean of peak operations can prolong engine live and reduce fuel burn. More

The Pre-Buy Examination—Just Do It »

Face it, buying an airplane involves more of the former Federal Reserve’s Chair, Alan Greenspan’s “irrational exuberance” than it does steely-eyed appraisal—it’s easy to fall in lust with a paint job. That's why a careful pre-buy examination by a mechanic you chose is essential. More

Too Laid-Back? »

Glass panels haven't yet delivered the promised increase in safety. Is greater technology leading to greater complacency on the part of pilots, thus defeating the value of improved technology? More

Real-World Nordo »

The good news is that today's avionics make lost communications increasingly rare. Yet, it does happen. Two real-world success stories provide guidance for dealing with the problem. More

What’s Cold For a Piston Aircraft Engine? »

When is it too cold to start an airplane engine? And, will you damage it by starting without preheat? We've got the answers to those questions, and more. And, yes, you can seriously damage your engine with a cold start done wrong. More

Avionics Outlook: Competition, Lower Costs »

If the Part 23 rewrite doesn’t lower costs, the struggling market might have to rely on increased competition and simpler products to get it done. More

Self-Fueling: Legalities and Risks »

Self-fueling has two meanings: Bringing your own fuel to your airplane and using a self-service facility on an airport. Both are perfectly legal and safe, so long as sensible safety rules are followed. More

Embracing Risk »

If we want to become old pilots, we sometimes have to be bold ones, too. More