Joe's Lockheed »

Thank goodness there are passionate and determined owners of vintage aircraft in this world. Due to people such as Joe Shepherd, the lives of we who are crazy about flying machines have been vastly enriched because we get to see the results of their passion fly rather than gather dust. Shepherd owns, and regularly operates, a flying rarity, a Lockheed 12A Electra Junior. More

When It All Goes Dark »

Wait a minute. . . The panel lights are dimming? When was the last time we checked on the aircraft’s electrical system? A quick glance at the meter confirms our fear. We are in the midst of an electrical system failure, and like countless pilots, we were guilty of not monitoring the electrical meter until we had eaten well into our battery supply. More

Checkride Disasters »

Confession is good for the soul but can be embarrassing. Here, now, the unscientific tabulation of readers' responses to "Brainteasers" quiz 194's question, "How did you screw up your checkride?" More

ADS-B: Time to Stop Procrastinating? »

Pilots are notorious for procrastinating when it comes to compliance with regs—ask any AME whether the demand for flight physicals is higher at the beginning or end of the month. Waiting until 2019 to upgrade your aircraft for ADS-B compliance could prove expensive and the backlog may be so long the work doesn't even get done that year. More

Approach Light Secrets »

The approach lighting system (ALS) deserves more respect than just a bunch of lights short of the threshold. It bridges the gap between instrument flight and visual flight. More

Legal Issues for Pilots »

By the time a person finishes training for a pilot certificate, he or she has gotten a good introduction to a small corner of the FARs, has probably learned nothing about what’s involved in buying or owning an airplane and had an immersion in aviation Old Wives’ Tales(OWT) regarding legal obligations and potential liabilities as a pilot. More

Used Aircraft Guide: Cessna 206 »

Known for its ability to carry heavy loads in and out of tight spots, Cessna's 206/Stationair is also a rock-solid instrument platform. More

Engine Fires »

I still have my airplane today. I'm very lucky. After the most recent annual inspection was completed, my aircraft's induction system caught fire. I found I was woefully unprepared for such an event. If I was unprepared, you probably are, too. More

Flagship Detroit—The Oldest Flying DC-3 »

The oldest airworthy DC-3 was located and purchased by the Flagship Detroit Foundation in 2004. Formed by former and current American Airline employees determined to find and restore the oldest former American Airlines DC-3 it could, the Flagship Detroit again wears American Airlines’ livery, down to the socket for the flagstaff adjacent to the copilot's window. More

Climb Faster »

Best rate of climb and best angle of climb speeds have no use beyond checkrides-and shouldn't even be used there, according to John Deakin. There is always a better speed for the first 1000 feet of climbout. More