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Used Aircraft Guide: Piper Arrow »

It seems there's always an Arrow on the ramp as well as a good selection of them on the used market. Flight schools have long sworn by them as relatively economical complex trainers, and owners report happy relationships with their combination of useful load and range. Through longevity and numbers, it may have replaced the Bonanza as the ubiquitous retractable single. More

Your Flight Review — From Surviving to Thriving »

What's not to love about a flight review? You get to spend a bare minimum of two hours doing something virtually everyone hatesóbeing evaluated. Getting involved from the start can help you turn your flight review from something to be survived to an enjoyable experience that will make you a better pilot. More

Partial Panel Peculiarities »

In developing training scenarios, it's important to tailor the training to the actual configuration of the aircraft with regard for the likelihood of multiple unrelated simultaneous failures. The purpose of the exercise is to prepare pilots for realistic failures in the aircraft they normally fly. More

AVmail: February 16, 2015 »

Steve Mann writes: "I'm a commercial pilot and small drone operator and want to thank you for not joining the unfounded media hysteria over small UAV operation in the U.S. ... In the 1960s, pilots were encouraged to report UFO sightings, and today it's drones. There is no difference but the name of the sightings. I would suggest there's usually nothing there. There is absolutely no factual evidence to support the fear and ignorance around small personal drones. There have been hundreds of thousands of hours of flight time using these small aircraft, yet there is not one verifiable report of a drone crash that resulted in a serious injury to someone not connected to the flight. Not one." Click through to read the full text of this letter and other mail from AVweb readers. More

Choosing A Refurb Shop »

The selection process for a refurb shop is nearly identical to that of choosing a good maintenance shopófinding a facility that is professional, will give estimates for all work, won't do any work without your approval and will do the refurb process in partnership with you, the aircraft owner. More