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Akro for Under $100K: Wide Variety; Use Caution »

There has long been a subset of pilots with a certain sense of adventure and the burning desire to own an aerobatic airplane. While most lust after an aerial hotrod such as one of the Extra 300 series or a Sukhoi Su-29, economic reality means putting something a little less impressive into the hangar. We'll give you a look at what's available for under $100,000. More

Used Aircraft Guide: Beech Baron »

Anyone who has flown a Beechcraft will have come away impressed with the line's quality and, especially, the handling qualities. All the way down to the lowly Musketeer, Beech just took pains to get the airplane's handling qualities a cut above everything else, and that applies in spades to the Baron series. More

AVmail: December 15, 2014 »

Kraig Krumm writes: "I viewed the test flight of the Orion crew capsule with mixed emotions. I'm glad that we are finally getting our act together so that we are not relying on the Russians to get us into low Earth orbit and sad that we are now back to shooting men up in capsules and using parachutes for a water recovery. The Orion capsule is a step backward in the space program. We should be spending our efforts on building true 'space ships,' large non-re-entry vehicles with room for large crews to travel to Mars and the asteroids. These ships, if constructed in space, could make long duration space travel comfortable." Click through to read the rest of this letter and other mail from AVweb readers. More

Flying The Nosewheel »

Just because the vast majority of the airplanes most of us fly have their little wheel mounted on the nose instead of the tail doesn't mean the nosewheel is immune to abuse. More

AVmail: December 7, 2014 »

Mark Bohstedt writes: "Regarding Woody Beck's article on the decline of GA: He states the following, 'Over the longer term, changes in the third class medical will have no significant impact because its cost is negligible, roughly the cost of 15 gallons of av fuel every two years for us older pilots.' While I agree with the author on several points he made throughout the article, I believe he really misses the point regarding the benefits of eliminating the third class medical." Click through to read the rest of this letter and other mail from AVweb readers. More