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Partial Panel Peculiarities »

Probably the most difficult task on the Instrument Rating (IR) practical test is Area VII, Task D: Approach with Loss of Primary Flight Instrument Indicators. But why is the FAA so interested in this? In their own words from the IR Practical Test Standards (PTS): “The FA A is concerned about numerous fatal aircraft accidents involving spatial disorientation of instrument-rated pilots who have attempted to control and maneuver their aircraft in clouds with inoperative primary flight instruments (gyroscopic heading and/or attitude indicators) or loss of the primary electronic flight instruments display.” More

Prepping For Your IPC »

Maintaining your IFR currency isn’t that hard. Just fly and log in actual or simulated conditions six instrument approaches, “holding procedures and tasks” and “intercepting and tracking” electronic courses within the preceding six months, and you’re golden. But after 12 full months of being out of IFR currency, you’ll need an instrument proficiency check, or IPC. There was a time, before the most recent revisions to FAR 61, when an IPC—previously known as an instrument competency check— wasn’t structured. That’s no longer the case. More

AVmail: February 24, 2014 »

Jim Harris writes: "The new rest rules do not cover cargo flights, nor do they cover foreign flights in U.S. airspace. But the basics should be that professional pilots take care of their bodies, including getting adequate rest." Click through to read the full text of this letter and other mail from AVweb readers. More

Wrong Airport, Wrong Runway »

You are on approach in busy airspace with an even busier cockpit...you are changing frequencies, receiving vectors, looking for traffic. You are well into the descent phase. As you flip through your kneeboard to get ready for the final phases of flight, you instinctively start looking for the runway. You see one in front of you just as ATC asks, “Do you have the airport in sight?” “Affirmative,” you respond with confidence. The only problem is that it's the wrong airport. More

AVmail: February 17, 2014 »

Tom Odehnal writes: "My response to the letter from Tom Lanhan and his effort to justify the FAA charges for air traffic controllers at aviation conventions: Have any of you FAA controllers ever thought about volunteering?" Click through to read the full text of this letter and other mail from AVweb readers. More