Honeywell Says Happy Days Are Still Here »

Honeywell says it expects record deliveries of business jets to continue for a few more years, but the peak of the market is in sight and will likely occur next year or in 2010. But even though the unprecedented expansion of the industry that has increased every year for the last five couldn't continue, the company's annual report, released on the eve of the National Business Aviation Association convention, says there won't be the crash that usually follows boom times for the aviation sector. "Gains in new aircraft capability and flexibility, incremental demand from fractional ownership and jet cards, airline use of business jets, branded charter operations and special mission applications, and a global economy are all contributing to business jet demand," the report said, predicting that more than 17,000 business aircraft, worth $300 billion, will be delivered in the next 10 years. More

Harrison Ford Joins Special Olympics Airlift »

Harrison Ford will join more than 300 fellow Cessna Citation pilots in the 2010 Special Olympics Airlift to Lincoln, Neb. in 2010 as honorary chairman. Ford appeared at the National Business Aviation Association convention in Orlando on Sunday to lend his support to the effort, which is a favorite project of Cessna President Jack Pelton. Pelton and Ford also head up EAA's Young Eagles program, and Pelton said it only took a phone call for the actor to agree to help out with the Special Olympics effort. More

NBAA 2007: Evolving Toward an Uncertain Future »

As this is written, the final day of 2007's National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Annual Meeting and convention is well underway. Tired but smiling men and women in business attire are dragging stuffed luggage throughout Atlanta's Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC), tying up loose ends and making final passes through the exhibit floor. Last-minute errands are being run, airline boarding passes gathered up and the fortunate are filing flight plans. Elsewhere, vendors and exhibitors are counting coup, toting up the products they've sold. More

NBAA 2007 Podcasting Round-Up: Our Complete Audio Coverage from the Atlanta Convention »

Innovation and growth topped everyone's agenda at the 2007 National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. If there was any doubt as to the health of the business jet market, this show eradicated it. As always, AVweb 's audio news team was on hand to get the biggest stories straight from the newsmakers themselves. In case you missed them, here's a quick recap of our NBAA 2007 podcasts. More

Pratt & Whitney Canada Tests Phenom 300 Engine »

The Pratt & Whitney PW535E that will power Embraer's new Phenom 300 light jet was successfully test-run and achieved its full thrust at 3,360 lbs. at PWC's Longueil, Quebec facility, the company announced at NBAA this week. Company officials said the project is on time, and that will allow Embraer to maintain its development schedule on the Phenom. PWC predicts the engine will be certified by the end of the year. "The PW535E development program is progressing very well, as confirmed by this key milestone," said Dan Breitman, PWC's Vice President of Turbofan Development. The Canadian engine maker also inked a big deal with very light jet air taxi pioneer DayJet. More

NBAA 2007 Video Round-Up: Complete Video Reporting from the Atlanta Convention »

If there's one thing we cay with certainty about the 2007 NBAA Convention and Trade Show, it's this: Business aviation is healthy and keeping (very) busy. If you don't believe us, check out these three exclusive videos we put together while gathering news reports for AVweb at the show. More

NBAA, GAMA Rally Against User Fees »

NBAA President Ed Bolen and General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) President Pete Bunce told members and media representatives Tuesday that the fight is far from over to ensure that user fees are not part of the FAA reauthorization package currently before Congress. The House of Representatives have passed a bill that rejects user fees and the Senate Finance Committee recently followed suit but that bill is yet to go to the full Senate and there is plent of politicking that can throw the current trend off track. Bolen said those in aviation can't let up on the politicians now because the airlines are sure to keep up their lobbying effort. "We've all got to get involved," Bolen said. "We've all got to make our voices heard on Capitol Hill." More

L-3 SmartDeck Chosen for Cirrus Jet Prototype »

Cirrus Design has chosen L-3 Communications to provide the avionics for its prototype single engine jet. The announcement was made at the National Business Aviation Association's convention in Atlanta. L-3 calls the avionics package the SmartDeck and says it represents the "next generation" of flat panels. In addition to all the usual features found on the glass wizards, L-3 has included its Stormscope weather mapping feature, SkyWatch collision avoidance system and Landmark terrain awareness and warning system (TAWS). It says it tested the displays with pilots and human factors experts to try and make it as functional and intuitive as possible. Cirrus CEO Alan Klapmeier said the choice of L-3 for the first Cirrus jet does not mean that production models will necessarily have the gear. More

Epic, Kingfisher, Airbus Confirm -- And Confuse -- Strategic Partnership »

Wednesday morning in Atlanta at the 60th National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Annual Meeting and Convention, executives from Epic Aircraft, India-based Kingfisher Airlines and Airbus sat down to confirm rumors and reports of a new strategic partnership, releasing few details but giving rise to additional speculation. Rick Schrameck, Epic Aircraft’s president and CEO, Hitesh Patel, Kingfisher’s executive vice president and Arnaud Martin, vice president of the Airbus corporate and executive jet operation held a press conference in which they confirmed Kingfisher’s $200 million, 50/50 "strategic partnership" with Epic but left open the specific roles each other would play. Lurking in the background was Airbus, which presently has no formal agreement with Epic but has a longstanding manufacturer/customer relationship with Kingfisher, a large scheduled aircraft operation in headquartered in Mumbai, India. On its face, the new arrangement between manufacturer Epic and Kingfisher likely will prove a boon to both companies. But is there something else beneath the surface. Officials of all three companies delivered little more than a figurative shrug Wednesday morning. More

EADS Socata's TBM 850 Goes Garmin in a Bigger Way »

If your company already has what it claims as the world's fastest single-engine turboprop, what do you do to improve it and keep it competitive? New paint; new interior; drop the price? If you're EADS Socata, and the airplane is the faster-than-your-propeller-airplane TBM 850, the correct answer is "none of the above." Instead, you upgrade its avionics from a traditional Garmin 430/530 package and go full-boat with the Kansas manufacturer's G1000 integrated panel. "Two years ago, our customers asked us for more speed," said Jean-Michel Léonard, EADS Socata's CEO, referring to his company's decision to transform its successful TBM 700 into the 850. "We continue to listen to their needs, and as a result, we have taken the next step with the integrated cockpit panel -- which will ease pilot workload, save weight and reduce the cost of ownership. Playing with the TBM 850's known reliability was not an option, and we wanted a solid and fully integrated solution," Léonard added. More