Kestrel Selects Cox De-Icer »

Kestrel Aircraft's turboprop design will feature an electro-mechanical deicing system, the company announced this week at the NBAA Convention in Orlando. The Cox & Co. system removes ice from the leading edges with a pulsing impact delivered from channels inside the leading edges of the wings. CEO Alan Klapmeier said the system retains laminar flow over the wing while removing the ice. "This is a critical factor for achieving high speed and reducing drag and fuel consumption," he said. More

Bizav Ready To Help After Sandy »

As its members meet in sunny Orlando, NBAA is marshaling efforts to use business aircraft to help with the relief efforts in the storm-tossed Northeast. NBAA hosts the Humanitarian Emergency Response Operator (HERO) database where aircraft owners and operators can volunteer the use of their aircraft for humanitarian aid. Aid organizations use the list to find aircraft appropriate to the missions that might need to be flown. "At the moment, much like the rest of the country, we're waiting to see what the damage is and what efforts will be needed in the hours immediately following the storm's passage," Robin Eissler, president of the Sky Hope Network, told NBAA. "Our focus is specifically on life-saving flights and placing aviation assets where they are needed most." More

Aerion Enters New Test Phase »

Aerion Corporation says the next phase of testing toward its ultimate goal of facilitating the creation of a supersonic business jet will get under way at Edwards Air Force Base in November. The company will mount a prototype wing section under a NASA F-15 to see how it works. In a podcast interview at NBAA 2012 in Orlando, Aerion COO Doug Nicols said there is still plenty of interest in the aircraft and lots of work going on to make it a reality. More

HondaJet In Production »

Honda Aircraft has started production of the first customer HondaJet and will have three or four ready for delivery by the time the small jet is certified at the end of 2013. Problems with the fan blades prompted a delay in the certification of the GE Honda Aero engines that are fundamental to the efficiency of the design and set back the test schedule, but President Michimasa Fujino told a news conference on Monday at NBAA 2012 that the engine is now close to certification and the rest of the schedule is catching up. Despite the delays (certification was originally planned for late 2012) and changes in the market, Fujino was typically upbeat about the project, which is more than 25 years old. More

Boeing Adds To Bizjet Line »

Boeing will expand its line of 737-based business jets with the BBJ Max 8 and the BBJ Max 9, the company announced at the NBAA Convention in Orlando this week. The Max 8 will use CFM International's new Leap-1B engines and Boeing's new two-surface winglet for a 13-percent boost in fuel efficiency. The changes also will increase range by 14 percent, to 6,325 nm. The Max 9 plan is still in the works, but "similar performance improvements are anticipated," Boeing said. More

Bigger Is Better: Honeywell Forecast »

The business jet market will grow over the next few years, but most of that growth will continue to be at the high end of the market, according to a news release on the Honeywell Business Aircraft Outlook released on the eve of NBAA 2012 in Orlando. Honeywell forecasts about 10,000 new bizjets worth a total of about $250 billion over the next 10 years. Honeywell says globalization is driving the market for longer-range aircraft and physics dictate that the farther a plane has to fly, the bigger it has to be. "The trend toward larger-cabin aircraft with ever-increasing range expectations and advanced avionics continues to be reflected in this year's survey," said Rob Wilson, president, Honeywell Business and General Aviation. More

Embraer: Legacy 500 First Flight Near »

Embraer said at the NBAA convention in Orlando this week that its first prototype of the Legacy 500 midsize jet will be ready for first flight within the next few weeks. The all-new jet is aimed to fill the gap between the light Phenom models and the big-cabin 600 and 650. The jet, with a stand-up cabin that seats 12, can fly at Mach .82 for 3,000 nm. The company has two other prototypes in the works for the flight-test program and said first deliveries of the jet will take place in 2014. More

NBAA Offers Scholarships, New Private Pilot Awards »

At its annual convention in Orlando on Monday, NBAA said that starting next year, it will for the first time recognize private pilots for outstanding safe-flying achievement. NBAA has recognized safe flying every year since 1953 with awards to business aviation operators and individuals who fly accident-free. The new Private Pilot Safety Award will recognize safety accomplishments by operators of light business aircraft who fly with a private pilot certificate. The association also will bestow this week a number of scholarships to help young people pursue careers in business aviation. More

Gulfstream: More Range For G650 »

Gulfstream said at NBAA's Annual Meeting and Convention in Orlando on Monday that its ultra-large-cabin G650, which was FAA certified last month, will have longer range at high speeds and shorter takeoff distances than formerly announced. The aircraft's range at its high-speed cruise of Mach 0.90 is now 6,000 nautical miles, the company said. The original target was 5,000 nm. The change means a 6,000-nm mission flown by the G650 at Mach 0.90 would be 40 minutes faster than the same mission flown by a G550, said Pres Henne, senior vice president for engineering at Gulfstream. More

Cessna Updates Citation Sovereign »

Cessna brought the new version of its Citation Sovereign business jet to NBAA in Orlando this week, with a Garmin G5000 avionics suite and new Pratt & Whitney PW306D engines. Like other newer Citation models, the New Sovereign will have winglets. The upgrades will boost the range by 150 nm, for a total range of 3,000 nm, and Cessna says short-runway performance is also improved. Production has already begun on the new model, Cessna said, with first deliveries expected in the third quarter of next year. More