Re-Engined D-Jet Flies »

Diamond Aircraft has flown its single-engine D-Jet with the planned higher-thrust Williams FJ33-5A engine. The aircraft, serial number 003, which had been flying on the smaller -15 version of the engine, flew for 1.4 hours with the new engine and aerodynamic refinements designed to take advantage of the extra power. Diamond President Peter Mauer said incorporating the new engine, which will eventually provide more thrust for the D-Jet, delayed development of the aircraft but will be a better package for owners. "When Williams introduced the new engine, we had to decide whether to continue with the original FJ33-15 or upgrade to the FJ3-5A right away, even if it meant a program delay," Maurer said. Also on the eve of NBAA 2008, the company announced that Middle Tennessee State University had added eight DA40 singles to its fleet, bringing the school's total DA40 fleet to 19. More

Globaljet Shows Off Its Tricked-Out Lear 35A »

Globaljet , a charter management company, flew its Lear 35A here from Van Nuys, Calif., to show off its uniquely equipped luxury cabin. The interior features pre-loaded iPods, CD player, DVD player, Air Show, iPod adapters, Iridium Flight Phone and individual video monitors with a Bose Surround Sound System. In-flight food service arrives via crystal and china. More

Satcom Direct and Honeywell Join to Offer Cabin Systems »

Satcom Direct announced here at the NBAA Expo that it has signed an agreement to work with Honeywell International to provide flight support and cabin communications services in a single package. Some of the in-flight service features include flight planning information, reliable e-mail and data communications connectivity, and satellite television. "This joint effort offers aircraft operators increased flexibility in choosing services to meet their specific business requirements," the company said. More

Satcom Direct Announces New Premier Service Plan With On-Site Support »

Satcom Direct , a provider of satellite voice, fax, and Internet data service solutions, announced here at NBAA Expo that it is offering a new premier service plan called Satcom On Site (SOS). The SOS package offers a standard level of service, which includes 24/7 access to technical support, or a premier level, with a Satcom Direct specialist sent to the customer's facility to offer on-site technical support and training. More

Aerion Update »

Aerion is here at the show, still far from having a flying prototype of their supersonic business jet to wow us with, but continuing to make positive progress. Their engineers conducted wind tunnel tests this August in Germany that confirmed their wing design will attain supersonic laminar-flow performance at cruising altitudes of 45,000 feet and up, the company said. "These were historic tests," said Richard Tracy, Aerion's chief technology officer. Tracy designed the wing, which the company says is the enabling technology behind the aircraft's efficiency at both subsonic and supersonic speeds. Where supersonic natural laminar flow exists, drag is reduced by up to 90 percent, according to the company. "It's almost as if the wing isn't there," Tracy said. More

Honeywell Says Happy Days Are Still Here »

Honeywell says it expects record deliveries of business jets to continue for a few more years, but the peak of the market is in sight and will likely occur next year or in 2010. But even though the unprecedented expansion of the industry that has increased every year for the last five couldn't continue, the company's annual report, released on the eve of the National Business Aviation Association convention, says there won't be the crash that usually follows boom times for the aviation sector. "Gains in new aircraft capability and flexibility, incremental demand from fractional ownership and jet cards, airline use of business jets, branded charter operations and special mission applications, and a global economy are all contributing to business jet demand," the report said, predicting that more than 17,000 business aircraft, worth $300 billion, will be delivered in the next 10 years. More

Harrison Ford Joins Special Olympics Airlift »

Harrison Ford will join more than 300 fellow Cessna Citation pilots in the 2010 Special Olympics Airlift to Lincoln, Neb. in 2010 as honorary chairman. Ford appeared at the National Business Aviation Association convention in Orlando on Sunday to lend his support to the effort, which is a favorite project of Cessna President Jack Pelton. Pelton and Ford also head up EAA's Young Eagles program, and Pelton said it only took a phone call for the actor to agree to help out with the Special Olympics effort. More

NBAA 2007: Evolving Toward an Uncertain Future »

As this is written, the final day of 2007's National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Annual Meeting and convention is well underway. Tired but smiling men and women in business attire are dragging stuffed luggage throughout Atlanta's Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC), tying up loose ends and making final passes through the exhibit floor. Last-minute errands are being run, airline boarding passes gathered up and the fortunate are filing flight plans. Elsewhere, vendors and exhibitors are counting coup, toting up the products they've sold. More

NBAA 2007 Podcasting Round-Up: Our Complete Audio Coverage from the Atlanta Convention »

Innovation and growth topped everyone's agenda at the 2007 National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. If there was any doubt as to the health of the business jet market, this show eradicated it. As always, AVweb 's audio news team was on hand to get the biggest stories straight from the newsmakers themselves. In case you missed them, here's a quick recap of our NBAA 2007 podcasts. More