The II Morrow GX55 Panel-Mount GPS »

Amidst all the attention on GPS handhelds and all the confusion about the future of WAAS and its impact on existing approach-certified GPS receivers, II Morrow's new GX55 is the most exciting panel-mount GPS we've seen yet. Its highly-legible built-in moving map display puts the Bendix/King KLN-89 and -90 to shame. Best of all, the price is right (about $3000) and the unit is a simple slide-in replacement for older II Morrow Lorans and FlyBuddy GPSs (no tray or wiring changes, just a new antenna). More

The Fisk Funnel »

AVweb continues its coverage of EAA AirVenture 1998 ... . More

Three Ground-Mapping GPS Handhelds »

It was April 1996 when Lowrance Electronics stood the aviation GPS market on its ear by introducing the AirMap, the first handheld aviation GPS with built-in ground-mapping capability. Now, pilots have three ground-mapping competitors to choose from: the AirMap 300, the Garmin GPSMAP-195, and the upgraded II Morrow Precedus. We've put all three through their paces on a long IFR X-C trip, and here's our in-depth evaluation. More

Simulator-Based Recurrent Training for Piston Singles and Twins »

If you fly a multiengine aircraft or a high-performance single, you really owe it to yourself to take simulator-based recurrent training on a regular basis. It's expensive, but you'll probably recoup most of the cost through reduced aircraft insurance premiums and reduced wear and tear on the airplane. We went through sim training at three training vendors — FlightSafety, Simcom and RTC — and compare their sims, curricula, and prices. More

Lowrance AirMap 100 GPS: Good Things Come in Small Packages »

In April 1998, just three months after introducing its improved 12-channel AirMap 300, Lowrance Avionics has started shipping a brand new, smaller-size, lower-cost handheld GPS, the AirMap 100. AVweb's Mike Busch just returned from a 4,000 NM IFR cross-country that afforded an excellent opportunity to wring out the new unit. Here's his evaluation, complete with photos. More

The Diamond Katana »

AVweb's publisher flies the new, sexy, composite two-place trainer from Diamond Aircraft and finds it…well…FUN! If the industry is going to stem the decrease in student starts, this just might be the airplane that does it. More

ICOM IC-A4 VHF Air Band Transceiver »

At just $299, ICOM’s IC-A4 handheld comm transceiver is $200 cheaper than any previous rechargeable ICOM handheld. It’s also smaller and lighter than anything else on the market. When we put the A4 through its paces recently, we found it to be a fine performer and an outstanding bargain, but only if you can live with its various technical compromises. More

ICOM IC-A22 and IC-A3 VHF Transceivers »

One-third smaller than previous-generation units like the IC-A21 and KX-99, these are our hands-down picks for a handheld VHF air band transceiver. More