Podcast: Teachers' Day At AirVenture

Teachers' Day At AirVenture »

Tuesday is the sixth annual Teachers' Day, in which teachers from all over the U.S. attend sessions on how to integrate aviation topics into their curriculum. AVweb intern Ashley Anglisano spoke with organizer Lyn Freeman of Build-A-Plane to find out what's on tap for 2015. More

Podcast: Mark Vanhoenacker, Author of

Mark Vanhoenacker, Author of "Skyfaring" »

When Mark Vanhoenacker was growing up in Massachusetts, being an airline pilot seemed like an impossible dream -- "like wanting to be an astronaut," he says -- but today he flies all over the world in the front seat of a British Airways 747. How he made that journey, and what the experience is like, is the story he tells in his first book, Skyfaring, which was published in the U.S. just this week. AVweb's Mary Grady talks with Vanhoenacker about his work, both as a pilot and as a writer. More

Podcast: Batteries the Solar Airplane Challenge

Batteries the Solar Airplane Challenge »

Producing electrical power from the sun has come a long way, and solar cells are getting remarkably efficient. But where to put all that power remains the issue for pure electric aircraft. AVweb's Paul Bertorelli spoke with Rich Kapusta of California-based Alta Devices about the issues and the opportunities. More

Podcast: Preparing For Failures In An Electric Future

Preparing For Failures In An Electric Future »

Heading into a world of electric aircraft, we need to know on which systems we can rely and to what extent. Michael Ricci from LaunchPoint Technologies spoke with AVweb at the Electric Aircraft Symposium about parallel redundancy, failure mitigation, and how fly-by-wire has set the standard for reliability in future designs. More

Podcast: Dr. Frank Anton Of Siemens On The Road Map To Hybrid Aircraft

Dr. Frank Anton Of Siemens On The Road Map To Hybrid Aircraft »

Dr. Frank Anton from Siemens AG attended this year's Electric Aircraft Symposium, where he spoke with AVweb about the possibilities of electric-powered flight and, more practically, Siemens's own plan to introduce viable hybrid aircraft over the next two decades. More

Podcast: Pilot Not Included -- Sanjiv Singh Addresses the Challenges of Autonomous Aircraft

Pilot Not Included -- Sanjiv Singh Addresses the Challenges of Autonomous Aircraft »

Self-flying aircraft are coming, says Sanjiv Singh of Near Earth Autonomy, though it may be a while before they're safe and reliable enough to carry passengers. Singh spoke with us at the Electric Aircraft Symposium in Santa Rosa, California about the remaining problems to be solved, both technical and regulatory. More

Podcast: Airbus And The Electric GA Airplane

Airbus And The Electric GA Airplane »

AVweb's Paul Bertorelli spoke with Airbus's Ken McKenzie about the European giant's foray into electric aviation at the Electric Airplane Symposium in Santa Rosa, California. More

Podcast: Gift of Education

Gift of Education »

It's taking a roundabout route, but a Sonex kit complete with engine is heading to a youth program in Georgia. AVweb's Elaine Kauh spoke with Sonex GM Mark Schaible about the generous gift that benefits youth not only in Georgia but all over the country. More

Podcast: Breitling Jet Team Debuts

Breitling Jet Team Debuts »

The Breitling Jet Team, a seven-ship formation team that uses L-39 Albatros trainers, is starting its first U.S. tour at Sun 'n Fun this week. AVweb's Russ Niles spoke with team lead Jacques Bothelin. More