Pelton Talks EAA After Hightower »

Russ Niles interviewed EAA interim president Jack Pelton about the direction of the association following the resignation of Rod Hightower. According to Pelton, EAA is "the only true association out there that truly represents all aspects of general aviation and recreational flying." This is how he thinks that association should behave. More

Trade-A-Plane's Global Plan -- 20 Years Exhibiting at Aero »

If everyone on the planet knows what Trade-A-Plane is, there's a reason for that. Long before it became fashionable to have a global business plan, Trade-A-Plane had been exhibiting at shows all over the world. In this podcast, Trade-A-Plane's Cosby Stone tells AVweb the company has been coming to Germany since the day the show started more than 20 years ago. More

SMA to Offer a Six-Cylinder Diesel »

With avgas in Europe hovering around the $12-a-gallon mark, little surprise that there's continuing interest in diesel technology. At Aero 2013, Thierry Argaud from SMA gave us the lowdown on their upcoming six-cylinder diesel, the SR460. More

Cheap New Nano-Coating Offered to Aviation Market »

Rick Stenberg , the CEO of Coval Molecular Coatings, says his product could potentially provide a super-thin, lightweight, smooth, and durable coating for aircraft, minimizing parasite drag and preventing dirt and ice from sticking to the surface. He spoke about his material this week at the CAFE Electric Aircraft Symposium and later spoke about it with AVweb 's Mary Grady. More

In-Flight Recharging for an Electric Airplane »

Chip Yates of Flight of the Century, who set an unofficial speed record last year in an electric-powered Long-EZ, is now working on a mid-air recharging system for the aircraft, which he plans to test prior to appearing at EAA AirVenture later this summer. He spoke with AVweb 's Mary Grady about his plans at the CAFE Electric Airplane Symposium in Santa Rosa, California on Friday. More

All-in-One Wonderbox? »

Garmin's Carl Wolf seems to agree that the next logical development in avionics is an AHRS/Com/Nav/ADS-B that won't make you sell the beach house. AVweb 's Paul Bertorelli spoke with him at Aero 2013 in Friedrichshafen. More

Part 23 Changes »

Flight Design is pulling back on the timeline for its four-place certified model as the world gets together on light aircraft certification. AVweb 's Paul Bertorelli spoke with Tom Peghiny at Aero 2013. More

Dr. Brien Seeley at the CAFE Electric Aircraft Symposium »

The Seventh annual symposium is now under way in Santa Rosa, California, and Dr. Brien Seeley talks with AVweb 's Mary Grady about who's coming, what they'll be talking about, and what they hope to achieve. More