Podcast: Elliot Seguin, Spirit of Flight Winner

Elliot Seguin, Spirit of Flight Winner »

Elliot Seguin, who works as an engineer at Scaled Composites by day and designs and flies his own racing planes at night, won this year's Spirit of Flight Award, given by the Society of Experimental Test Pilots at EAA AirVenture. After flying home to Mojave, Sequin talked with AVweb's Mary Grady about what it meant to him to win the award, what he's working on now, and a glimpse of what's coming up on the horizon. More

Podcast: An Air Show for Catalina

An Air Show for Catalina »

Jeff Herold has helped to establish a new nonprofit group, the Catalina Island Aviation Foundation, to preserve and promote the island's traditional air show, which is held above the harbor at the tourist mecca of Avalon, 26 miles off the California coast. Organizing a show on a small, remote island comes with unique challenges, and Herold explains to AVweb's Mary Grady why he thinks it's well worth the effort. More

Podcast: Mike Glasgow on How LockMart Is Preparing for UAS in the Airspace

Mike Glasgow on How LockMart Is Preparing for UAS in the Airspace »

Lockheed Martin Flight Services is stepping up UAS awareness with its recently introduced unmanned traffic management (UTM) service. Aimed at increasing situational awareness when it comes to sharing the airspace with commercial drone operations, UTM includes an evolving set of functions and services including a simplified and automated UAS NOTAM filing process, online graphics (which show their operating position and altitude) plus plans for future services in preparation for a growing number of drone operations. In this podcast, "Aviation Consumer" editor Larry Anglisano speaks with Lockheed Martin's chief architect Mike Glasgow about UTM and what it means for pilots and UAS operators. More

Podcast: Mahindra Sees Expanding GA in India

Mahindra Sees Expanding GA in India »

As the world's largest democracy and free market, India may become a fertile place to expand general aviation. And according to S. P. Shukla, head of Mahindra's aerospace division, it's already happening. In this AVweb podcast, Shukla said Mahindra's acquisition of Airvan will allow the company to expand GA both to the personally owned aircraft market and to transportation between large cities and smaller towns. More

New Hypoxia Training for TBM Owners »

In tightly knit pilot communities, an accident often has profound effects on the group because most people in it know the accident pilot. That was definitely the case with the Larry Glazer TBM accident in 2014, in which the pilot became unresponsive, apparently due to hypoxia, and overflew his destination, crashing at sea near Jamaica. As a direct result of that accident, a Florida-based company, in cooperation with Daher, is developing a hypoxia training program specifically for TBM owners. According to Dr. Ian Blair Fries, who is working with Dr. Paul Buza on the project, the program may eventually be expanded to other types of aircraft. AVweb interviewed Dr. Fries at AirVenture this week for this exclusive podcast. More

Podcast: George Bye, CEO of Sun Flyer

George Bye, CEO of Sun Flyer »

Electric airplanes have generated a lot of interest for their potential to cut costs and complexity in entry-level GA airplanes. George Bye, CEO of Sun Flyer, says his company has blazed a new path for certification that he believes will enable them to bring to market a two-seat electric trainer with a three-hour flight duration that will sell for about $200,000. He explains it all to AVweb's Mary Grady. More

Podcast: Swift Fuels' Chris D'Acosta on the Road to a 100LL Replacement

Swift Fuels' Chris D'Acosta on the Road to a 100LL Replacement »

We caught up with Swift Fuels' Chris D'Acosta at AirVenture to discuss the latest developments in the quest for a viable 100LL replacement. D'Acosta also brought us up to speed on his company's efforts toward providing low-octane fuels for underserved portions of the current GA fleet. More

Podcast: Fuel Update — Avgas Replacement on Track

Fuel Update — Avgas Replacement on Track »

Although the FAA and industry have been quiet about it, the effort to find and certify a replacement for leaded avgas appears to be on track toward a 2018 approval, according to Lycoming's Michael Kraft. In a podcast recorded with AVweb's Paul Bertorelli at AirVenture on Wednesday, Kraft said the group overseeing the testing effort, the Piston Aviation Fuels Initiative, will seek congressional authorization to make sure the selected and certified fuels will be legally applicable to the entire GA fleet with no hiccups. More

Podcast: EAA's Sean Elliott on the Innovation Prize

EAA's Sean Elliott on the Innovation Prize »

EAA this week announced it will fund a $25,000 innovation prize that aims to encourage the development of new ideas to help reduce the number of loss-of-control accidents in the GA fleet. Sean Elliott, EAA's vice president for advocacy and safety, talks with AVweb's Mary Grady about the rationale behind the prize, the results he is hoping for, and how you can participate. More