Lithium Ion for GA »

True Blue Power says it's created safe, reliable, and affordable lithium ion batteries for general aviation aircraft. AVweb's Russ Niles spoke with the company's VP of Engineering, Brett Williams, at NBAA 2013 in Las Vegas. More

Flying and Fighting Fires »

AVweb speaks with Universal Helicopters pilot Geoff Goodyear about his experience flying the Bell 407 to fight fires in Canada this summer and the advantages helicopters bring to the task. More

OpenAirplane Grows, Adds Options (corrected) »

Renting an airplane away from home has always been a hassle, but OpenAirplane aims to make that process "as easy as renting a car." The company has made progress since its launch earlier this year. Co-founder Rod Rakic gave an update to AVweb's Mary Grady at AOPA Summit in Fort Worth, Texas on Saturday. More

D'Shannon Enters the Specialty Engine Market »

D'Shannon is well-known, especially among Bonanza owners, as a purveyor of aircraft performance accessories, and now it's getting into the boutique engine business. At AOPA Summit in Fort Worth this week, D'Shannon announced new details about it Genesis engine series, a performance, tuned version of Continental's popular IO-520 and IO-550 lines that are the mainstay powerplants of modern Bonanzas. In this podcast from Summit, the company's Scott Erickson describes the Genesis program. More

New Products for Pilots at Flight Service »

Lockheed Martin Flight Service rolled out some new features this week to make online flight planning easier and more intuitive for pilots. At AOPA Summit in Fort Worth, system architect Mike Glasgow explained the Next Generation services to AVweb's Mary Grady. More

EAA Chairman Jack Pelton on Fuel, FAA »

The cost of fuel is a constant concern for pilots, and Jack Pelton told AVweb's Paul Bertorelli at AOPA Summit this week that EAA will do what it can to help control those costs and keep airplanes flying. Pelton also discussed EAA's conflict with FAA over paying for controller staff at AirVenture. More

King Schools -- Mobility and Mentoring »

In a conversation with AVweb's Mary Grady at AOPA Summit this week, John and Martha King of King Schools said they want to encourage all pilots to be mentors to other pilots who are less experienced than themselves. They also talked about a new app that makes it easy to take their computer-based courses on the road with you, and they offered some insight into their approach to flight instructor refresher training. More

Steve Hedges on the Last AOPA Summit »

On the eve of AOPA Summit in Fort Worth, Texas, AOPA spokesman Steve Hedges talked with AVweb's Mary Grady about the changes in how the organization will be reaching out to members in the future -- and highlighted some of the impressive events scheduled this week. More

Linear Air's Cautious Approach to SR-22 Air Taxi Service »

Linear Air and Hopscotch Air have teamed up to offer new a air taxi service, flying the Cirrus SR-22 between White Plains, NY and Boston. But there may be something unique about their approach -- they're starting slow. Linear Air COO Peter Schmidt explains the service and why he thinks his company's business model is positioned for long-term success where others have tried and failed. More

A Boost for Backwoods Flying »

Flying for fun isn't restricted to Alaskan mountain valleys or Idaho rivers. The Recreational Aviation Foundation is working to preserve pilot access to unique backcountry runways all around the country. RAF President John McKenna spoke with AVweb's Mary Grady about the group's mission, their achievements, and their plans for the future. If you want to learn more, they'll have an exhibit at AOPA Summit in Fort Worth, Texas, coming up in just a few weeks, October 10-12. More