Progress on Part 23 Changes »

General aviation advocacy groups have been working with the FAA to change the way light aircraft are certified, ditching the traditional Part 23 process and replacing it with an industry-consensus-standards approach. Greg Bowles of GAMA has been a leader in that effort, and he spoke with AVweb's Mary Grady about the progress made in Washington this week and what it means for pilots and aviation consumers. More

Balloons Across the Atlantic »

Pilot Jonathan Trappe , who has crossed the English Channel flying his unusual cluster of small helium balloons, now is in Maine waiting for the right weather to launch across the sea. Trappe spoke with AVweb 's Mary Grady about how he is preparing for the flight, what challenges he expects, and how you can track his progress after launch. More

Bidding Open for Harrier »

Canadian businessman Ian Cotton is selling his almost-flyable Sea Harrier on eBay. He spoke with AVweb 's Russ Niles about how the jump jet made it to his driveway in Red Deer, Alberta. More

Flying on Solar Wings »

Solar Impulse, the one-of-a-kind solar-powered airplane from Switzerland, is finishing up its flight across the U.S., with just one more short leg to go from Washington, D.C. to New York. AVweb 's Mary Grady talks with pilot Andre Borschberg to learn more about this unique project. More

The Future of 100LL »

The FAA this week announced its new plan for finding a replacement fuel for 100LL. Doug Macnair , vice president for government relations at EAA, talks with AVweb 's Mary Grady about the details of the plan and what it will mean to general aviation pilots and aircraft owners. More

Toxic Tax in New York? »

A Buffalo flight school owner says the state is trying to balance its budget on the backs of flight school owners and those who lease their aircraft to flight schools. AVweb 's Russ Niles spoke with Bob Miller about New York state's retroactive re-interpretation of the sales tax code. More

WWII Veterans Fly Free »

From August 2-4 in Topeka, Kansas, more than 90 vintage military aircraft will take part in a cooperative event that will honor veterans of the Second World War with free rides in aircraft of the era. AVweb 's Russ Niles spoke with organizer Dan Gryder about The Gathering of Warbirds and Legends and how veterans and family members of veterans can get aboard. More

Think Global Flight Counting Down »

A circumnavigation flight that will launch from Sun 'n Fun 2014 is aiming to promote science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) to high school students. AVweb spoke with pilot and founder Judy Rice . More

New Financing Options from AOPA »

AOPA has revamped its aircraft financing division to include a broader range of prospective lenders. Adam Meredith , head of the AOPA Aircraft Finance Company spoke with AVweb 's Russ Niles. More

25 Years of Growth for Women in Aviation »

The organization Women in Aviation International launched with a conference in Prescott, Arizona 25 years ago, and members are marking that anniversary with several events in Oshkosh, Arizona, and Florida. Peggy Chabrian , the founder and president of WAI, talked with AVweb 's Mary Grady about the group's achievements, her goals for the future, and what's in the works for EAA AirVenture this summer. More