Podcast: Textron Aviation Explained »

Textron's acquisition of Beechcraft has resulted in the creation of Textron Aviation, the combination of Cessna and Beech. AVweb's Rick Durden spoke with Textron Aviation's Joe Hepburn about the transition. More

Podcast: FlightPro Launches Android-Based Flight Planner »

Seeking to provide a flight planning app for Android users, FlightPro has launched an app it refers to as intuitive, fast, and pilot-friendly. CEO T. R. Wright described the app to AVweb's Rick Durden in a podcast at FlightPro's booth at Sun 'n Fun. More

Podcast: Airvan Making Inroads »

Mahindra Aerospace's GippsAero GA8 Airvan has been available in North America for more than a decade, and it's finding a home in a variety of environments and locations, including Alaska. AVweb's Rick Durden spoke with GippsAero's Earl Boyter at Sun 'n Fun 2014. More

Podcast: Eclipse Delivers at Sun 'n Fun »

Following FAA certification on February 28, Eclipse Aerospace has already delivered five of its new model 550 jets. On April 2, it was set to deliver number six at Sun 'n Fun to a buyer who agreed to put the brand-new airplane on display during the show. Mason Holland of Eclipse briefed AVweb on the 550 and Eclipse's plans going forward. More

Podcast: Rotax Unveils 912 iS Sport »

Rotax has tweaked the fuel-injected 912 iS to optimize its application in light sport aircraft. AVweb's Paul Bertorelli spoke with Dean Vogel of Lockwood Aviation at Sun 'n Fun. More

Podcast: CAFE Symposium Preview »

The 8th annual CAFE Electric Aircraft Symposium is coming up April 25 and 26 in Santa Rosa, California, bringing together a roster of experts and experimenters to share technology and ideas for the next generation of personal flying. Dr. Brien Seeley, president of the CAFE Foundation and organizer of the event, spoke with AVweb's Mary Grady about some of the highlights on this year's agenda. More

Podcast: A New Airplane Marketplace »

Tom Henn and A. J. Brown, the CEO and vice president of a new company called, hope to provide an easy-to-use online service for those looking to buy or sell a general aviation airplane. They spoke with AVweb's Mary Grady about their plans. More

Podcast: Private Airport Owners Seek Help »

The Bower family of Gualala, California would like nothing better than to keep their private, public-use airport open but since they don't fly themselves, they're hoping those with some skin in the game will pay the $60,000 necessary for repairs. AVweb's Russ Niles spoke with Julie Bower about the unique situation in a remote corner of Mendocino County. More

Podcast: A New Take on the 172 »

Premier Aircraft Sales is now offering a fully refurbished pre-G1000 Cessna 172 with a new Garmin panel and Continental/Thielert Centurion diesel engine for less than the cost of a new avgas-powered Skyhawk. AVweb's Russ Niles spoke with Premier's VP of Operations Art Spengler about the instant market acceptance of the new product. More

Podcast: "Charlie Victor Romeo" Now on Film »

Bob Berger and his partners created a stage play in 1999 with all of its dialogue drawn from the transcripts of cockpit voice recorders. Now they have produced a film of the play that's showing in theaters around the country. Berger spoke with AVweb's Mary Grady this week about what makes the film unique and the reaction it's had from the aviation community. More