Podcast: AOPA Foundation 'Giving Back' »

The AOPA Foundation has launched a new initiative that aims to give away money to non-profit aviation groups and student pilots, as well as offering free AOPA memberships to teenagers and members of the armed forces. AVweb 's Mary Grady spoke with Stephanie Kenyon , a vice president of the foundation, to learn more about it. More

Podcast: Prof. Kent Lovelace on the Pilot Pool »

It's not an easy road from first solo to an airline left seat, and new rules now in the works are making that journey even bumpier. Kent Lovelace , chair of the aviation department at the University of North Dakota, talks with AVweb 's Mary Grady about the impact of new rules that raise the bar for that first job, how airlines and students are adapting, and some new programs that aim to address some of these issues. More

Podcast: Pilots Get Social »

The $100 hamburger can be a pleasant quest for pilots, but there's nothing like planning a flight to a specific event to get the prop turning. That's the theory behind Social Flight, an app that lists more than 3,500 flying-related events all over the U.S. with customized features that let pilots know where they can fly -- but, more importantly, why they should. AVweb 's Russ Niles spoke with Social Flight's Jeff Simon . More

Podcast: A Flying Car for Everyone »

Terrafugia announced plans this week to proceed with development of a four-seat VTOL hybrid electric semi-autonomous flying car with a 500-mile range. Even with a time frame of 10 years or more, the regulatory, technological, and funding challenges are steep. Terrafugia CEO Carl Dietrich spoke with AVweb 's Mary Grady about the company's plans. More

Podcast: Pelton Talks EAA After Hightower »

Russ Niles interviewed EAA interim president Jack Pelton about the direction of the association following the resignation of Rod Hightower. According to Pelton, EAA is "the only true association out there that truly represents all aspects of general aviation and recreational flying." This is how he thinks that association should behave. More