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Global Parts Group, Inc. Purchases Assets of Tulakes Aero, Inc.

Global Parts Group, Inc. of Augusta, KS, distributors and producers of quality parts for business, general, and commercial aviation, announced today that they have acquired the assets of Tulakes Aero, Inc. of Bethany, Oklahoma and incorporated them into a new division of the Global Parts Group, named Global Parts Aero Structures, Inc. More

Transportation YOU Summit Seeks to Close Industry's Gender Gap

Two weeks ago, in the midst of issues swirling around the Highway Trust Fund crisis, senior officials from the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, and high-profile leaders from transportation's private sector, took the time to meet with 21 high-school girls who have shown an interest in learning more about career opportunities in the industry. More

SkyTrac's Overdue Notification Enhances Aircraft Safety

Increasing concern with flight tracking technology, flight tracking regulations and operator tracking practices are at the forefront of issues facing today's aviation industry. International aviation organizations are currently working to find the most effective way of regulating flight tracking, while many operators are looking for immediate, cost effective tracking solutions. More

Akoya, Tchaikovsky's dream

Exploring the mighty Amazon River, unearthing Aztec temples, lounging on the beach in the Florida Keys or skiing down the snowy resorts in Canada...your desires become accessible in a blink of a wing thanks to AKOYA, a LISA Airplanes realization. Elegant but still fascinating, this two-seat amphibian aircraft has the capacity to take off and land on multiple types of surfaces and achieve outstanding flight performances, combining long distances and exceptional comfort consistently ensuring complete freedom. More

Women can Hover and Fly Event

On June 28, Whirly Girl, Banu Cole coordinated a Women Can Fly event that was held at the Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport (CHO) in Charlottesville, VA. More

Aviation Safety and Unidentified Aerial Phenomena is seeking pilots and aviation professionals who have observed or experienced incidents involving unidentified aerial phenomena while operating aircraft, conducting air control or radar duties. More

SocialFlight Adds $100 Hamburgers, Attractions, Golf and More

SocialFlight, the FREE web and mobile app that maps all General Aviation events, has added points-of-interest to its growing list of features, expanding beyond aviation events to become a resource for all aviation destinations, including the ubiquitous "$100 hamburger". More

Just Aircraft will sponsor Just Plane Fun Days

Just Aircraft will sponsor Just Plane Fun Days on August 29 through August 31 (Labor Day weekend) at Brass Town Airport, near Brass Town, North Carolina. Open to anyone and free of charge, the event appeals largely to people who own one of the Just Aircraft models. More