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Video: EAGLE360 GoPro Belly Pod »

GoPro action cameras capture cool in-flight video, but when shooting from inside the cabin, the propeller disk and cabin windows can blur otherwise good footage. The EAGLE360 from Airborne Sensor is an STC-certified belly pod that houses up to three GoPro cameras. Company CEO David Tenenbaum gave AVweb a demo at Sun 'n Fun 2014 in Lakeland, Florida. More

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ASA has 39 specialty training apps for pilots and dozens of aviation e-books. At Sun 'n Fun, ASA's Brian Snider showed AVweb some of the more popular apps. More

GoPro Camera Belly Pod »

The GoPro action camera can shoot cool inflight videos, but shooting from inside of the cabin presents some challenges and limitations. The Eagle360 camera... More

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In glass cockpits and even in those where the pilots suffer through the tragedy of flying behind steam gauges, a back-up gryo is a good idea. Increasingly,... More

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With the ADS-B mandate looming five years ahead, we're seeing more products that address this requirement, including this one shown at AEA in Nashville.... More

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