New Aviation Accident Feature On AVweb »

Beginning this week, AVweb is introducing a new feature for readers called General Aviation Accident Bulletin. These reports, which will appear twice monthly, comprise the latest preliminary reports on general aviation accidents taken from the NTSB's initial reporting. They offer enough detail to gain a general idea on what happened in the accident, but do not offer causal summaries. More

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Nobody was seriously hurt when a Delta MD-88 ran off a snowy runway at New York’s La Guardia Airport, in March 2015, but the NTSB said this week the... More

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The engine that came apart at altitude on a Southwest B737 last month lost one of its fan blades during the flight, the NTSB reported in an investigative... More

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Recent general aviation aviation and air carrier accidents. More

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Investigators who probed the ditching of USAir 1549 into the Hudson River in 2009 say the recently released movie about the event portrays them in an... More

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You know how it ends, but the storytelling is taut and engaging … with one irritating flaw. More

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Hundreds of pilots filled a theater in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on Wednesday to watch a preview of Sully, the much-hyped account of the Miracle on the... More