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Want to see some edge-of-reality flying? Check out the video of an E2C pilot snatching victory from defeat. Also, yet another ditching in Hawaii offers a lesson or two. More

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Two pilots who spent almost 24 hours swimming for shore from the airplane they ditched have been released from the hospital. More

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Or so the U.S. census tracking of fatal job injuries would have us believe. But is that a fair assessment? More

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And time for the yearly reminder about forethought and beach landings. More

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Comments filed by the NTSB in reaction to the FAA’s proposal to overhaul Part 23 aircraft certification were not wholly supportive of the changes, and... More

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The first trailer for Sully, the movie based on the ditching of US Air Flight 1549 in the Hudson River in 2009, was released Thursday. It doesn’t take... More

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EgyptAir 804 once again raises the argument. But is it worth the investment? More