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AOPA Expands Financing Options »

AOPA is expanding its presence in the aircraft finance market with a new service for its members. The AOPA Finance Company is a brokerage that brings together borrowers and lenders to make getting money for airplanes and upgrades easier. Adam Meredith, who is heading up the new company, said in an interview with AVweb that AOPA has been helping members with financing for about 20 years but always through a single lender. The new company will deal with a multitude of lenders that have stuck with aircraft financing through the recession and are looking for new business. More

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In this AVweb sponsored video, we take a close look at Dynon's D2 pocket EFIS. More

Aerocet Floats For Kodiak... »

Aerocet has received a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for carbon composite amphibious floats for the Quest Kodiak 100 bush plane. The 6650 floats are... More

Diamond DA42 Autoland (Video) »

Diamond Aircraft, as AVweb reported last week, has been working with the University of Stuttgart to develop an auto-land system for the DA42, and on Monday,... More

Video: Safe Flight's SCc... »

Safe Flight Instrument Corporation recently earned FAA certification for its latest-generation speed control/angle-of-attack system. In this video, "Aviation... More

Confessions of a Teenage... »

As I revert to 1968, what I really want is airplanes that leave me trailing on the static wicks and with nosebleed-inducing climbs. Is that so wrong? More

King Katmai Mod: Safe STOL »

With a stall speed of 31 knots, climb rate of more than 1500 FPM and no handling vices, the King Katmai is at home in the bush or on the pavement. More