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FAA Takes Two Years to Rule on Bell Appeal »

In January 2012, Bell Canada applied to the FAA for an exemption from the FARs that would allow it to increase the gross weight of its Model 429 by 500 pounds to 7,500 pounds as had been approved in Canada and a number of other countries. More

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In an exclusive, Reuters is reporting that Lockheed Martin and the Defense Department have inked a $4 billion deal for an eighth series delivery of 43 F-35... More

Cessna Returns To Setting... »

After mostly remaining aloof from the record-setting side of aviation for over 70 years, Cessna appears to have returned to the fray—using the Mach... More

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A new partnership between Cirrus and OpenAirplane is designed to make it easier for more pilots to get access to airplanes throughout the country. More

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Tomorrow, Mitsubishi Aircraft will roll its entry into the world's regional jet competition, the MRJ—Japan's first commercial airliner in more than 50... More

Ebola Patient Jet Made More... »

Despite Frontier Airlines stating that it grounded the jet that carried a Dallas nurse diagnosed with Ebola immediately after it was notified by the Centers... More

Drone Enforcement Will... »

Last week the FAA issued Change 6 to the Compliance and Enforcement Handbook for its inspectors, providing enforcement guidelines for violation of the FARs... More