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Turning the Page at Mooney »

With a redesigned cabin and interior, the M20 shows yet more life. But the real story is the investment in a factory to build it more efficiently. More

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GAMA Report: Aircraft... »

General aviation manufacturing saw declines in the overall market worldwide as shipments for airplanes are reported down for 2015 over the previous year, the... More

Advocates Speak Out On... »

A bill that would cap flight-training benefits for veterans at $20,235 should be scrapped, seven GA advocacy groups told Congress in a letter issued today.... More

Have We Reached Peak Drone? »

Not on your life, Sparky. But when the shakeout comes, it's going to be interesting. More

Boeing's Newest 737 Jet... »

Boeing's 737 MAX completed its first flight Friday, beginning the next test phase for the latest version of the flagship jet. Boeing says the flight went... More

Amazon's Airline »

Is Amazon serious about building its own freight line? It would certainly be in keeping with the verticality of the modern tech giants. More

Flying Cars: Eternal Hope... »

They've always tied down the dingbat sector of general aviation. But emerging technologies make them, if not realistic, less silly than they once were. More