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Spike Expands SST Effort »

Spike Aerospace, a start-up company based in Boston, Massachusetts, that aims to develop a quiet supersonic 18-passenger jet, said this week it will be ready to fly a technology demonstrator by late this summer. The subsonic test vehicle will be flown to verify the design’s low-speed aerodynamic stall recovery characteristics, the company said. More

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Time To Revisit Holding Out... »

In the Flytenow case, the FAA applied old thinking that doesn't work in a world where technology moves at the speed of heat. More

Airbus Helicopter... »

Swiss Rotor Solutions has developed a retrofit “bubble” window set for Airbus H125/AS350 helicopters, and recently announced it has achieved EASA... More

Seaplanes in Colorado:... »

One person's efforts to reopen Colorado lakes to seaplanes is providing a case study for those who are working to expand general aviation. More

Eclipse Layoffs Confirmed »

One Aviation has confirmed that it has laid off an undisclosed number of staff at its Eclipse Aerospace production facility in Albuquerque. More

NASA To Test New Approach... »

NASA said this week they are ready to start airborne tests of new cockpit technology that aims to help air traffic controllers manage landings more... More

New Satellites Promise... »

A suite of satellites that launched on Saturday are the first of 66 that will expand real-time global coverage for tracking airplanes in flight. Ten... More