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Airbus A320neo Makes First Flight »

Airbus celebrated the first flight of its new A320neo Thursday at its facility in Toulouse, France. More

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Video: Embraer Rolls Out... »

At Jacksonville, Florida, this week, Sierra Nevada and Embraer took the wraps off the first A29 Tucano to be made in the U.S. It's the first of 20 airplanes... More

Lycoming's One-Lunger »

The smallest Lycoming will fit in a suitcase and the company appears to be making a whole bunch of them. More

New This Week »

It hasn't been a quiet week in aviation news—our survey uncovered certification testing of the Falcon 7X at the world's highest airport, SAFE Teacher... More

Boeing To Ramp Up 737... »

At an investor conference hosted by Morgan Stanley this week, Boeing's CEO Ray Conner announced that Boeing is looking to increase 737 production to a... More

Video: Aerion's Supersonic... »

Aerion is making a multi-million dollar bet that the world needs a supersonic business jet, and it's developing one for delivery in 2021. AVweb's editorial... More

FAA Fiddles While Canadian... »

As U.S. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV or drone) developers, manufacturers and potential users are howling at or suing the FAA for its ongoing refusal to allow... More