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C-17 Hit By Laser »

An Air Force C-17 has become the latest target of a green laser attack. The crew of the big cargo plane reported they were at 4,000 feet over the Jersey Shore on Saturday when the cockpit was illuminated. More

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Phantom Farewell »

The Air Force marked the end of almost 60 years of service of the F-4 Phantom with a ceremony at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico just before Christmas. More

Female Afghan Pilot Seeks... »

The Afghan air force’s only female pilot has asked for asylum in the U.S., saying it’s too dangerous for her to return to her own country. More

Boeing/Saab T-X First Flight »

Boeing and Saab flew their T-X trainer for the first time on Tuesday and officially entered the race to provide the Air Force with its next generation... More

Metal Hunk Not Atomic Bomb »

A big hunk of metal that a sea cucumber diver thought might be a Cold War atomic bomb turned out to be a piece of industrial junk. More

GA's Prospects Under Trump... »

Nothing is certain, but if ATC privatization and user fees are ever going to happen, now seems the time. More

Trump And Aviation: Wait... »

Like everything else surrounding the future Donald Trump presidency, the predicted impact on aviation is as varied and as, well, unpredictable as the... More