NBAA: Lots of Refurb Activity »

GE Honda gets aggressive selling its engine and Garmin shows off mega glass for the Beechjet. More

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Like many aviation companies, Lycoming is involved in the world of unmanned systems, and as part of that program, it recently unveiled its smallest engine,... More

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The smallest Lycoming will fit in a suitcase and the company appears to be making a whole bunch of them. More

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We're assuming unleaded avgas will be more expensive than 100LL. But what if more companies enter the market and increase competition? Or maybe the tooth... More

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A year ago, Continental Motors invested heavily in aircraft diesel technology when it bought the former Thielert works in St. Egidien, Germany. AVweb's Paul... More

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Adept Airmotive is a South African company with a V-6 gasoline engine. After a couple of years of flying the engine experimentally, the company is funded... More

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At AirVenture 2014, Continental Motors introduced its latest diesel powerplant, the CD300. Rhett Ross told AVweb how the company intends to manufacture and... More