CAFE Symposium Explores Future Of Flight »

Our planet’s transportation systems are on the cusp of a radical change to “on-demand mobility,” according to several of the presenters at last week’s CAFE symposium in California. “The technology push and the market pull are converging,” said Bruce Holmes and Roger Parker, of AirMarkets Corp. “A large and growing market for ODM exits and is convergent with technologies for sustainability, safety, affordability, and accessibility.” More

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Perlan II Project Progressing »

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Solar Impulse II Makes... »

Solar Impulse II completed a 56-hour leg from Hawaii to Mountain View, California, just before midnight local time on Saturday. More

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First Manned Flight For... »

Alexander Zosel, managing director of e-Volo, took the Volocopter on its first manned, untethered free flight last Wednesday, launching from an open field in... More