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Third Class Medical Reform: Hope's Not Misplaced »

The latest bill is compromised, to be sure. But it's a vast improvement over what we've got now and deserves our support. More

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Leave Your Stupid Luggage! »

In the wake of the BA 777 fire in Las Vegas, maybe cabin crews should show just a little panic to get passengers to exit a burning airplane without dragging... More

FAA Updates Model Aircraft... »

The FAA on Wednesday updated its 34-year-old Advisory Circular on personal model aircraft, issuing safety and airspace rules similar to the ones it has... More

AVmail: August 17, 2015 »

Len Blair writes: "Regarding your "Question of the Week" on medical status: I get a special issuance every year. One of the requirements is for a nuclear... More

Well Structured ATC »

In spring 2003, I was halfway through my flight training. My instructor and I were chatting about air traffic control. He'd just visited the local TRACON.... More

AVmail: August 3, 2015 »

Captain Jim Carney writes: "I'm a retired Northwest Airlines (now Delta) 747-400 captain. I was a member of ALPA for 38 years. The letter ALPA put out... More

Changes Revealed in FAA... »

During the annual EAA Legal Advisory Council Board Meeting on July 24, 2015, our special guest Reggie Govan, the recently installed FAA Chief Counsel laid... More