FAA and Regs

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The Coasties' terrific video offers lots of food for thought. A second video...well, it's a little less sober(ing). More

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The FAA reminded drone operators on Wednesday that the perennial Super Bowl Sunday TFR applies to them too, not just pilots of manned aircraft. The Super... More

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Dr. Brent Blue, a senior FAA medical examiner, was one of the many who critiqued the FAA's proposed sleep-apnea policy for pilot medical exams when it was... More

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Fourteen GA groups told the FAA on Friday the agency must straighten out issues with the ADS-B Out compliance rules if aircraft owners are to meet the 2020... More

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Advocates of third-class medical reform hope the campaign will forge ahead with help from new leadership in the congressional GA caucuses. Sens. John... More

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As the rest of the world moves faster and faster, regulators seem to be stuck in reverse. More

AVmail: January 12, 2015 »

Robert Mahoney writes: "I'm sure the FOs can work remotely — but why? The airline is still paying the FO's salary. Additionally, how will the FO get... More