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FBO of the Week: Base Operations (Page Field Airport, Ft. Myers, FL) »

I have been to this FBO many times in the past on our yearly jaunts to Sanibel Island. I have always had excellent service with Scott and Debra at the Page Airport. This year, they excelled themselves. Their line personnel are very accommodating and most helpful. We were delayed due to weather on May 1, but they still accommodated us and our four-hour late arrival. Fuel prices are very competitive, too. The line guys had my car waiting and were helpful in loading our luggage. This FBO will get my business again. More

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Decision Making Along the Way »

ADM is a fundamental process for mitigating risk and reducing the anxiety of a demanding flight profile. More

Short Final »

It was my first time flying into OSH after hours of hand flying a Skyhawk ... Tower: l "Welcome to OSH." ... I Me: " I'm not a virgin anymore." ... It was... More

Short Final »

On a busy day at my home airport LXT I was flying in the pattern with several other airplanes ahead of me . .. Pilot on rollout ... "Traffic landing at Lee's... More

Who's on First? »

Good judgment and quick thinking are hallmarks of the aviation mentality. Both pilots and air traffic controllers are in the decision-making business. For... More

Short Final »

A couple of years ago I was waiting as number one for takeoff at a towered airport ... Tower: "Cessna 12345 cleared for takeoff runway 25." ... Cessna 12345:... More

Trump TFRs For New York,... »

It would appear presidential TFRs over New York City and Palm Beach, Florida, will be a common feature over the next four years as President-elect Donald... More