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FBO of the Week: Base Operations (Page Field Airport, Ft. Myers, FL) »

I have been to this FBO many times in the past on our yearly jaunts to Sanibel Island. I have always had excellent service with Scott and Debra at the Page Airport. This year, they excelled themselves. Their line personnel are very accommodating and most helpful. We were delayed due to weather on May 1, but they still accommodated us and our four-hour late arrival. Fuel prices are very competitive, too. The line guys had my car waiting and were helpful in loading our luggage. This FBO will get my business again. More

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Abort! Abort! Abort! »

Aborting a takeoff isn't a failure on the part of the pilot; it's a pilot showing the right stuff by recognizing the wrong stuff and taking action to keep... More

Short Final »

I was listening to Unicom at my local airport in Northwest Ohio when I heard the following exchange between two jets on the ramp ... Citation 1234: Taxiing... More

FAA Warns To Watch Class B... »

Pilots should be wary when operating close to the boundaries of Class B airspace, the FAA said recently in a Safety Alert for Operators. Flight crew who are... More

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Years ago, new GPS approaches were commissioned at Houma, LA (KHUM) and the FAA King Air was flight checking them ...Tower: “Report JOBUP.” ...... More

San Francisco Class B... »

Proposed San Francisco Class B airspace changes would enable lower-angle descents into SFO optimized for the higher glide ratios of modern jet aircraft,... More

Short Final »

Providence Approach: King Air 1234 contact Bradley Approach on 123.95 ... Providence Approach: King Air 1234 contact Bradley Approach on 123.95 ...... More