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Santa Monica Airport To Impose More Fees »

Residents in the urban neighborhoods that surround busy Santa Monica Airport in southern California have complained about operations there for years, citing noise, air pollution, and the danger from plane crashes, and now the city has approved new landing fees that not only more than double the fees for transient flyers, but also now apply to airport tenants, including flight schools. More

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NAFI Founder Jack... »

The National Association of Flight Instructors announced on Monday that the group’s founder, Jack Jay Eggspuehler, died on April 30. He was 86 years... More

Don't Mess Up the Miss »

So there you are, coming down to the decision height (DH) watching as the approach lights emerge from the clag—all configured and at the right speed. In... More

Aero: Continental Extends... »

After years of patient waiting, Continental Motors announced Wednesday at Aero what many diesel owners have been hoping for: significantly longer replacement... More

Aero: Piper Rolls Back... »

Piper Aircraft announced several price rollbacks and a large trainer order from the University of North Dakota on the opening days of the Aero exposition in... More

The Lure Of The... »

I always thought this was limited to the airplane business. But Tesla just raised nearly half a billion doing the same thing. More

FAA Increases Sim-Time Limit »

The FAA today published a final rule that allows student pilots to log up to 20 hours in flight simulators, finally reaching the end of a long and twisted... More