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Santa Monica Airport To Impose More Fees »

Residents in the urban neighborhoods that surround busy Santa Monica Airport in southern California have complained about operations there for years, citing noise, air pollution, and the danger from plane crashes, and now the city has approved new landing fees that not only more than double the fees for transient flyers, but also now apply to airport tenants, including flight schools. More

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Sim Time Shootdown: Our Own... »

For awhile there, it looked like more credit for ATD time would make instrument ratings more affordable. But nope. More

Spartan College Agrees To... »

Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology, based in Denver, Colorado, has signed an agreement with Aero Electric Aircraft Corp. to buy 20... More

Video: An Update on AOPA's... »

At Sebring's Sport Aviation Expo, Elaine Kauh prepared this video report on AOPA's Cessna 152 Reimagined project. She spoke with the association's Jamie... More

Instrument Sim Rule Rescinded »

The FAA is withdrawing a rule that would have allowed greater use of simulators for instrument training because two people thought it was a bad idea. The... More

AVmail: January 12, 2015 »

Robert Mahoney writes: "I'm sure the FOs can work remotely — but why? The airline is still paying the FO's salary. Additionally, how will the FO get... More

When the Chatter Ceases »

Peace and quiet is something that every parent has longed for at some time or another. A lack of chatter is not so great when in the clouds and... More