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Santa Monica Airport To Impose More Fees »

Residents in the urban neighborhoods that surround busy Santa Monica Airport in southern California have complained about operations there for years, citing noise, air pollution, and the danger from plane crashes, and now the city has approved new landing fees that not only more than double the fees for transient flyers, but also now apply to airport tenants, including flight schools. More

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Slow Flight In The Real World »

Let's beat this dying horse one more time with a practical example of slow flight in action. More

Slow Flight: Yes, You Need... »

And that means flying with the stall horn screeching and the controls buffeting. The FAA wants to dumb this down, but that's a mistake. More

FAA Revises Slow-Flight Advice »

The FAA has issued a Safety Alert reminding instructors, students and other general aviation pilots that the advised procedure for practicing slow-flight... More

Short Final »

I am an instructor in Germany and was with a student flying to his first towered airport. The aircraft has no GPS installed and visibility was around 4-5 km... More

World War I Replicas... »

A group of Canadian pilots will bring history to life by flying replica First World War fighters over a ceremony commemorating the Battle of Vimy Ridge next... More

FAA Mulls Pilot Experience... »

The Wall Street Journal is reporting the FAA is considering reducing the number of hours military pilots must have before they can be airline first officers.... More