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Guest Blog: Masters of the Magenta Line »

Automation is supposed to serve the pilot, not replace him. (Or her.) Understanding that should start on day one of training. More

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The organizers of ModAero, a "next-generation aviation festival" set for March 16 to 19 near Houston, Texas, say they are offering a "fresh take" on the... More

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I think a lot of would-be geezers think this. But thinking it doesn't make it true. More

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Despite chilly temperatures, the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo opened in Sebring Wednesday morning with a record number of exhibitors. Show organizer Jana Filip... More

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That's the only way I can think of to describe turning a system that has worked well for years into more ridiculous security theater. More

Optimism Versus Complacency »

In a way, they come from the same place. But is undiluted optimism a bad thing for a pilot? Call it this year's first obvious answer. More

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The Institute for Women of Aviation Worldwide is trying to make it easier for women to be successful in aviation careers. AVweb's Russ Niles spoke with iWOAW... More