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Overused Phrase Of The Day: Game Changer »

Depending on how you define it, there actually are game changers in aviation. There are also a lot of bleached bones of ideas that were supposed to be. More

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The Wrights Revisited »

David McCullough's new look at the Wright brothers is an engaging read, but doesn't plow much new ground. More

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EAA's Give Flight program has five sets of kit wings under assembly on the AirVenture grounds this week. Ron Wagner explains that they will go to five EAA... More

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Tuesday is the sixth annual Teachers' Day, in which teachers from all over the U.S. attend sessions on how to integrate aviation topics into their... More

Yingling Rolls Out Reman'd 172 »

As the industry continues to push back against the high price of new aircraft, another company has joined the emerging trend in remanufactured aircraft. In... More

On Your Tail »

Of all the major components of a conventional airplane, the tail—empennage, if you prefer—may be the least understood. Yes, we generally know it's... More

Airbus' Asterisked Record »

In aviation, being first is all about PR. But how you get there matters. More