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Tales From The Crypt »

Or how I really did spend half my pay to get a private pilot certificate. So quit whining about how much things cost. More

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Piper Aircraft announced several price rollbacks and a large trainer order from the University of North Dakota on the opening days of the Aero exposition in... More

FAA Increases Sim-Time Limit »

The FAA today published a final rule that allows student pilots to log up to 20 hours in flight simulators, finally reaching the end of a long and twisted... More

Sun 'n Fun Wrap »

Vendors say the booths were slow, but for many, this is still a must-do show. EAA's STCs and Icon's struggles were surprises. More

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New flying clubs in the U.S. could get their first airplane for free under a new program from AOPA. President Mark Baker said AOPA will provide the winning... More

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We're about to find out. Wednesday should be an interesting day indeed. Plus more commentary on Icon's sales contract. More

EAA Adds Background Checks... »

Starting May 1, anyone who wants to take part in an EAA-sanctioned Young Eagles event will have to take an online training course and undergo a standard... More