The Weekender: Independence Day Fly-Ins »

Our weekly review of what to do in aviation on SocialFlight uncovered numerous Independence Day fly-ins and events—starting at the top with a fly-in at the nation's highest airport. More

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Rotax Rolls Out 50,000... »

Rotax threw a birthday party this week, celebrating both the 25th anniversary of the 912-series engine and the 50,000th four-cycle engine to roll off the... More

SD-1 Minisport Flight... »

SkyCraft's SD-1 Minisport has completed flight testing successfully, meeting all the performance requirements needed for S-LSA Certification. More

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It seems that as spring moves towards summer our weekly review of what’s going on in aviation on SocialFlight reveals more and more events, especially... More

The Weekender: Gumbo,... »

Our weekly review of SocialFlight found fly-ins that run the gamut from a night airshow through a fly-in that's been going on for over half a century, a... More

New This Week »

Our weekly review of the news in aviation revealed that attitude information is now available for the Garmin aera 796/795, Aero Electric Aircraft Corp. has... More

ICON Aircraft Announces... »

ICON Aircraft announced that it has selected Vacaville, Calif., as its new home. It will be moving into a 140,000-square-foot facility adjacent to the... More