FAA Taking Its Time On ADS-B Equipage »

If the increasingly strident messages from the FAA about ADS-B equipage have you feeling the slightest pangs of guilt that you haven't written the check yet, take heart. The agency doesn't seem to be in too much of a hurry to get its own aircraft in compliance and it's shopping around. More

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Aircraft Emissions Suit... »

Environmental groups have filed suit against the EPA to try and force the agency to set emissions limits for all aircraft. More

Wooden Props »

While composite props are making inroads, the century-old technology of wood more than holds its own. More

ADs Affect Cessna, Piper... »

The FAA issued two direct-to-final-rule Airworthiness Directives today that affect general aviation airplanes. A Cessna AD addresses the elevator trim tabs... More

Avfuel To Distribute Swift... »

Swift Fuels has signed a deal with global aviation fuel wholesaler Avfuel Corporation to distribute its 94 MON unleaded aviation fuel. More

ICON Responds To Sales... »

ICON Aircraft CEO Kirk Hawkins says the company is open to changing its controversial buyer's agreement based on the feedback it's receiving on the document... More

AAA For Airplanes At Sporty's »

Sporty's has teamed up with Mike Busch's Savvy Aircraft Maintenance to offer what they call an aviation version of AAA. The Breakdown Assistance Program will... More