Is ADS-B Over? »

For the sake of the FAA's NextGen program, it better not be. But only a fraction of aircraft have been equipped and the rebate program has been a slow starter. More

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The Cirrus SR22T G6 is the sixth-generation SR22, which was originally introduced in 2001. For 2017, the G6 SR models are equipped with the new Perspective+... More

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Whether you're buying an airplane to refurbish or one that's just been refurbed it's essential that you subject it to a pre-buy exam by a mechanic you chose. More

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Sales of piston-powered, fixed-wing aircraft were flat for the third year in a row, says the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) year-end... More

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Here's hoping it offers the industry the stimulus we've all been wishing for. More

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If Santa did a flypast of your hangar this year, you could go after him at Mach 1.3 in your own CF-5 Freedom Fighter. More