Risk Management

Precautionary Landings: Before It's Too Late »

How many pilots flying VFR and dealing with deteriorating weather have died because no one taught them that when things are bad, landing in a decent farm field can make the difference between being dead and merely inconvenienced? More

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Marcus Paine, a longtime flight instructor and airshow performer, died Saturday at an Oregon airshow. More

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Tragedy marked the opening of a new general aviation airport in north central China. Michel Leusch, of South Africa, failed to recover from a dive during a... More

Partial Panel Prognosis »

For most pilots the risk of instrument failure is remote. But when it happens, you have to be prepared. More

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One lawyer's point of view on maximizing your remaining years of flight while minimizing risk and eventually making the decision to hang up the goggles. More

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The FAA has issued its final rule on the controversial airworthiness directive that will require the replacement of cylinders on 6,200 high-displacement... More

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Airshow spectators in southern England likely saved the life of a performer whose open-cockpit aircraft crashed into the ocean at the Herne Bay Air Show Sunday. More