Risk Management

Baseball Cap a Factor in Mid-Air »

The Canadian Transportation Safety Board yesterday released its finding on a 2013 multiple-fatality mid-air collision between a Cessna 150 and a motor glider with an analysis that said the 150 pilot was probably wearing a baseball cap that affected his ability to see the glider. More

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NTSB Report Cites... »

Tuesday, the NTSB released a report on pilot drug use that, based on post-crash toxicology tests on pilots killed in aircraft accidents from 1990 through... More

Camera Mount Common Sense »

The secret to mounting an external video camera to an aircraft is to just not do anything stupid. More

Two Apparent Hypoxia... »

But they're still relatively rare. One means of avoiding them is to just not go that high in the first place. More

Aviation Industry Eying... »

The aviation industry has been warned about the possibility of flight disruptions caused by activity at Iceland's largest volcano system. More

Another Beach Forced Landing »

For the second time in less than three weeks, a small plane made a forced landing on a Sarasota County, Florida beach. More

Interview With NTSB Board... »

NTSB Board member Earl Weener sat outside at a café at AirVenture with AVweb’s Rick Durden to talk about what the NTSB does, his background in... More