Risk Management

Rhapsody In Yellow (Not) »

The magic of doing something really stupid around airplanes is to simply step back, relax and embrace the sheer wonder of it all. Let me tell you how I do it. More

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The numbers are small and maybe meaningless. But how great would it be if the GA fatal accident rate actually declined significantly. More

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As anyone who's paid attention to Central U.S. weather the last few months knows, it's been a particularly violent spring across "Tornado Alley." Midwest... More

Yikes, I've Gotta Land Gear Up »

You're near the end of a lovely flight, but the gear won't come down no matter what you do. Now what? More

Podcast: New Hypoxia... »

In tightly knit pilot communities, an accident often has profound effects on the group because most people in it know the accident pilot. That was definitely... More

No Beach Landings, But How... »

When the engine crumps, a road can make a perfect runway. Unless it's choked with cars going to the beach you just tried to avoid. Now what? More

The Temptation of the... »

Hey, who's to know if a CFI doesn't really fly with you? Where's the harm? More