Risk Management

Aviation Insurance: Some Good News and Blunt Talk »

Aviation insurance rates are the lowest they've been in over 50 years. Nevertheless, it's important that you buy the right insurance for the flying you do and the risks you face. More

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Briefing the Takeoff »

When everything goes as it should, taking off is a nothingburger. When it doesn’t, you need a plan. More

Stalls For The Hell Of It »

You can learn some things just fooling around for an hour doing stalls. And you don't need to cram in a bunch of power to recover. More

General Aviation Accident... »

Recent general aviation and air carrier accidents. More

Under the Illusion »

Defined as an erroneous mental representation, the inability to reliably process the sensory inputs is a critical issue for instrument pilots. More

NBAA Report: Flight Crews... »

A study conducted by NBAA has found that 15 percent of flights in business jets begin without a complete flight-control check, the association reported last... More

Three Die In Fly-Out Midair »

Three people were killed when two aircraft collided in North Collins, south of Buffalo, Sunday morning. More