Unmanned Vehicles

Facebook's Internet Drone Flies »

Facebook's new high-altitude drone flew for the first time and its mission, according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, is nothing short of changing the world. But first the frail high-altitude solar electric aircraft had to get off the ground. More

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Autopilots: Can Cars Learn... »

Probably not. A much-reported fatal crash of a Tesla reveals that car autonomy is more complicated. More

FAA Releases Commercial... »

The FAA today published its final rule for the commercial use of small drones under 55 pounds. The rule requires commercial drone operators to be at least 16... More

What Drones Carry »

Without sophisticated sensor packages, modern drones are nothing but expensive RC airplanes. In this AVweb video, we look at some of the things drones can... More

Drone Delays At Warsaw, Dubai »

Two major airports suspended operations briefly over the weekend after drones were spotted flying in the area. More

Airbus Introduces... »

Airbus introduced the first 3D printed airplane at the recent International Aerospace Exhibition in Germany, demonstrating what the company calls the future... More

Google's Into Flying Cars Now? »

Actually, it's a Larry Page skunk works project and it's a stretch to call it a flying car. More