Video: How to Take Off and Land a DC-3 »

As with any airplane there are specific techniques to managing the finer points of the critical phases of flight. Historic Flight Foundation's John Sessions got some pointers from Dan Gryder when he picked up his refurbished DC-3 at Sealand Aviation in Campbell River, British Columbia. More

Video: Safe Flight's SCc Leading-Edge AoA System »

Safe Flight Instrument Corporation recently earned FAA certification for its latest-generation speed control/angle-of-attack system. In this video, "Aviation Consumer" editor Larry Anglisano flies with the system in Safe Flight's Cessna for a detailed look. More

Video: Flying the Tecnam P2010 »

Tecnam is now marketing its new P2010 single-engine in the U.S. AVweb took a flight in the airplane and prepared this flight report video. More

Video: Conair RJ85 Jet Air Tanker »

Most aerial firefighting aircraft are relics of the 1950s and 1960s, but Canadian air tanker modification company Conair is adapting a 21st century design to firefighting work. AVweb's Russ Niles got a tour of the Avro RJ85 at Conair's Abbotsford, British Columbia headquarters. More

Video: Premier Diesel Conversion »

Premier Aircraft, a well-known Florida aircraft sales and modification house, is offering a diesel 172 with a diesel conversion. AVweb took a test flight in it recently and prepared this video report. More

Video: Kitplanes Editor Paul Dye on Homebuilts »

Kitplanes magazine editor Paul Dye is a former NASA flight director, but he's also a passionate homebuilder, currently working on a Dream Tundra. At AirVenture 2015, he gave us his six top reasons for joining the homebuilt community. More

Video: How PT-6 Turbines Are Overhauled »

Pratt & Whitney's venerable PT-6 turbine is one of the marvels of aviation. But like everything else in aviation, it requires overhaul. In this engaging video, AVweb's Paul Bertorelli gives us a tour of Continental Motors' United Turbine division, which specializes in the PT-6. More

Video: Garmin's Wireless Cockpit Flight Trial »

The Garmin Flight Stream wireless data hub connects the Pilot tablet computer app with a variety of onboard avionics systems, including the Garmin GTN and GNS panel navigators and the GDL88/84 ADS-B transceivers. In this video, "Aviation Consumer" editor Larry Anglisano, along with Garmin's Jessica Koss, goes flying with the system in the company Cirrus for a hands-on demo. More

Video: NASA's CFIT App »

At AirVenture Oshkosh this year, volunteer pilots helped test-fly a simulator connected to a new GA version of NASA's automatic ground-collision avoidance system cellphone app. The space agency hopes releasing this technology to all pilots will prevent future CFITs. More

Video: All Things AirVenture 2015 »

In this video, AVweb intern Ashley Anglisano shows you some of the excitement she captured while wandering the grounds at AirVenture 2015 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. More