Video: NASA's CFIT App »

At AirVenture Oshkosh this year, volunteer pilots helped test-fly a simulator connected to a new GA version of NASA's automatic ground-collision avoidance system cellphone app. The space agency hopes releasing this technology to all pilots will prevent future CFITs. More

Video: All Things AirVenture 2015 »

In this video, AVweb intern Ashley Anglisano shows you some of the excitement she captured while wandering the grounds at AirVenture 2015 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. More

Video: BendixKing KI-300 Digital Attitude Indicator »

Many vintage and even newer BendixKing autopilots require the pricey vacuum-driven mechanical KI-256 attitude gyro, which can be real money to overhaul or replace. BendixKing has a modern alternative with the KI-300 solid-state, MEMS-based digital attitude display. In this video, "Aviation Consumer" editor Larry Anglisano takes a look at the instrument with BendixKing's Roger Dykeman while at AirVenture 2015 in Oshkosh. More

Video: AirVenture Mosquito Cockpit Tour »

At AirVenture, the Military Aviation Museum of Virginia Beach brought a real treat: a superbly restored de Havilland Mosquito. In this exclusive AVweb AirVenture video, Paul Bertorelli took a cockpit tour with pilot Mike Spalding and interviewed Warren Denholm on the restoration. More

Video: CAF's C-47 Restoration »

The Commemorative Air Force continued its aggressive fundraising campaign to restore "That's All, Brother," the C-47 that led the D-Day invasion. The historic aircraft, on display this week at AirVenture, drew continuous crowds of visitors who wanted the chance to take a peek inside and learn more about its history. More

Video: Bose's New A20 Headset Upgrade »

At AirVenture, Bose introduced some much-wanted upgrades to its popular A20 noise-cancelling headset. AVweb visited the Bose booth and took a listen. In this video, Bose's Hratch Astarjian gave us a detailed tour of the new features. More

Video: FlyThisSim's FM 210 »

FlyThisSim introduced a new floor-mounted simulator Wednesday at AirVenture in Oshkosh. The TouchTrainer FM 210 offers full cockpit controls and panels for more than 100 aircraft models with a 210-degree horizontal view. More

Video: Goodyear's Next-Generation Airship Tour »

Goodyear's newest airship, WingFoot One, represents some of the most modern technology in airship design, including three fly-by-wire vector-thrust Lycoming engines, an all-glass integrated avionics suite and a redesigned semi-rigid carbon-fiber and aluminum structure. In this video, AVweb contributing editor Larry Anglisano takes a tour of the airship at AirVenture 2015 in Oshkosh with Goodyear's aerial broadcasting chief, Joshua Miller. More

Video: Liaoning's New RX1E Electric Trainer »

At AirVenture 2015, a Chinese company called Liaoning General Aviation Academy brought its new RX1E electric trainer. AVweb took a look at the airplane and shot this news video describing the aircraft. More