Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet NBAA Update »

At NBAA 2016 in Orlando this week, Cirrus announced that it has been awarded official type certification for its single-engine SF50 Vision jet. As part of AVweb's coverage of the show, we spoke with Cirrus' Matt Bergwall about production plans. More

Fuel Testing In Canada »

Canada's National Research Council is doing independent ground testing of two alternatives to 100LL avgas that are undergoing tests by the FAA. The Canadian organization is comparing the performance of Swift Fuels' and Shell's lead-free aviation fuels to regular avgas in an altitude chamber that allows it to replicate flight conditions in the controlled environment of the lab. AVweb's Russ Niles was recently given a tour. More

Detailed VIRB Ultra Review »

Garmin is taking a serious run at GoPro with its new VIRB Ultra 30. In this new AVweb video, Paul Bertorelli explains why the Ultra is an excellent choice for an aviation action camera. More

Action Cams: GoPro vs. Garmin »

Both Garmin and GoPro rolled out new action cameras this month and since aviation is a target market, our sister publication, Aviation Consumer, took a look at these new products. More

AVweb Classic: Yes, Your Pattern Is Too Large »

Back by popular demand is AVweb's penetrating review of why pilots fly patterns that are just insanely, infuriatingly too large. Extra stripes available by request. More