Video: Installing Avidyne's Slide-In IFD440 Navigator »

Now that Avidyne's IFD440 hybrid touch GPS navigator is certified and shipping, the company is putting a sharp focus on the experimental and kit aircraft market. This includes builders with existing Garmin GNS navigators. In this video, Kitplanes magazine contributing editor Larry Anglisano, along with Avidyne's Tom Harper, shows how to transition from an existing GNS430W to a slide-in IFD440, including configuration and setup of the new Bluetooth keyboard. More

Video: iLevil 2 SW Flight Trial »

Levi Technology has introduced a new version of its iLevil called the iLevil 2 SW. It features an improved, two-frequency ADS-B receiver and a slight larger solar array to extend battery life. AVweb's Paul Bertorelli recently test-flew the SW. More

Video: 88Charlies Teaching Kids »

The 88Charlies, an organization named after its home airport in Palmyra, Wisconsin, shows how a grassroots approach to teaching kids about airplanes can grow into an organization that makes aviation fun for all. More

Video: Bose A20 Bluetooth Flight Trial »

Bose recently introduced Bluetooth capability for its popular A20 headset. AVweb's Paul Bertorelli took a flight trial and shows how an older A20 can be upgraded to Bluetooth. More

Video: How to Take Off and Land a DC-3 »

As with any airplane there are specific techniques to managing the finer points of the critical phases of flight. Historic Flight Foundation's John Sessions got some pointers from Dan Gryder when he picked up his refurbished DC-3 at Sealand Aviation in Campbell River, British Columbia. More