Video: Guimbal Two-Place Helicopter »

French company Guimbal has entered the U.S. helicopter training market with its Cabri G2, a light aircraft that has features similar to larger modern helicopters. AVweb interviewed CEO Bruno Guimbal at the recent HAI Heli-Expo in Orlando. More

Video: AW609 Tiltrotor »

AgustaWestland announced at HAI 2015 it will build the world's first civilian tiltrotor aircraft in Philadelphia. Test pilot Paul Edwards describes the aircraft and its missions. More

Video: AVweb's Cub vs. Champ Shootout »

Piper's venerable J-3 Cub and the Aeronca Champion are classic ragwing taildraggers that are becoming popular as LSA choices. In this nose-to-nose comparison, AVweb's Elaine Kauh and Paul Bertorelli take a close look at both aircraft. More

Video: Airtime Aircraft Cygnet »

Airtime Aircraft of Florida has brought wind-in-your-face fun to amphibious flying with its Cygnet weight-shift amphib. CEO Michael Percy describes the aircraft and its niche. More