Video: FlyEco's Smart Diesel »

FlyEco has been working on and testing its Smart Diesel for light aircraft. The diesel is adapted from the European version of the Mercedes Smart Car. AVweb took a brief flight demo in the aircraft recently. More

Video: AVweb's Year in Pictures 2014 »

AVweb readers provided us with a wealth of fantastic photos in 2014, and here's a nice summary look at many of them edited together by Paul Bertorelli. And thanks to everyone who contributed. Best wishes for 2015. More

Video: Wild-Eyed Fun in a Searey »

For pure, undiluted fun, there's nothing quite like operating a small flying boat off a remote lake. In this video, AVweb's Paul Bertorelli takes a test flight in a new Searey Elite. The company is now selling these airplanes as SLSA aircraft. More

Video: SiriusXM SXAR1 Weather Receiver »

Looking to gain traction in a market saturated with portable ADS-B weather receivers, SiriusXM Aviation introduced the SXAR1 satellite broadcast weather receiver. Streaming WSI weather data, the Bluetooth receiver is compatible with newer iPad tablets and WSI's Pilotbrief Optima app. In this video, Aviation Consumer's Larry Anglisano gives an overview of the interface. More

Video: Orion's First Flight »

On December 5, 2014, NASA flew the new Orion deep space vehicle for the first time, launched by a Delta Heavy booster. In this NASA-provided footage, the first part of the mission is detailed. More