Video: AvNav EFB for Android »

We're seeing more capable navigation apps for Android tablets, including the new AvNav EFB app. It has some of the same features that iOS users are accustomed to, including plates-on-map and DUATS flight planning and filing. In this video, AvNav's Sanjay Kumar offers a tour of the app's functions during its debut at AirVenture 2014 at Oshkosh. More

Video: Waco Great Lakes Biplane Flight Demo »

A handful of biplanes were household names during the 1930s, and two survive yet today the Waco and the Great Lakes. In this video, AVweb's Paul Bertorelli takes a look at the Great Lakes 2T, which is back in production with a new Lycoming AEIO-360. More

Video: Embraer Rolls Out the U.S.-Made Tucano »

At Jacksonville, Florida, this week, Sierra Nevada and Embraer took the wraps off the first A29 Tucano to be made in the U.S. It's the first of 20 airplanes on their way to Afghanistan for that country's rebuilding air force. More

Video: The Littlest Lycoming, EL-005 »

Like many aviation companies, Lycoming is involved in the world of unmanned systems, and as part of that program, it recently unveiled its smallest engine, the EL-005. AVweb recently visited the factory and got a tour of this interesting little engine. More

Video: American Champion Denali Scout Review »

Aviation Consumer's Rick Durden teamed with Kasey Lindsay and Bob Hannah of Northwest Backcountry Aircraft to do a flight review of the American Champion 210-hp Denali Scout that included operations in the Idaho wilderness and a stop at the Sulfur Creek Ranch. More