Video: Touring Joe Shepherd's Lockheed »

That's not a Beech, and it didn't just roll off the line. It's Joe Shepherd's immaculately restored Lockheed 12A Electra Junior. We got story on this aircraft (and a good look at it) at Sun 'n Fun 2014. More

Video: Raisbeck's Lear 60 Baggage Pod »

The Lear 60 is a fast, affordable business jet. But like most airplanes, it could do well with additional baggage space. Raisbeck Engineering, a well-known STC house, has developed just such a product. AVweb takes a look at it in this brief product video. More

Video: Yamaha's New FAZER UAV Helicopter »

In Japan, remotely piloted helicopters made by Yamaha are a common sight and have been for more than 15 years. Now the company wants to move into the U.S. market with a new model called the FAZER. Yamaha's Steve Markofski gave AVweb a briefing on this new UAV at the AUVSI show in Orlando this week. More

Video: A Carbon-Fiber Bird UAV Maveric »

At the Association for Unmanned Vehicles International show in Orlando this week, dozens of UAV companies are displaying the latest in drone technology. In this exclusive AVweb video, Prioria's Derek Lyons shows us a cool one a carbon-fiber bird called the Maveric. More

Video: AUVSI Opens in Orlando »

The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International opened its annual conference and show this week in Orlando. AVweb was there and spoke to AVUSI president Michael Toscano about the state of the industry. More