Virgin Galactic Back In The Air

Virgin Galactic Back In The Air »

Virgin Galactic is ramping up its test-flight program in Mojave, with a goal to bring tourists to space later this year. Late last week, VSS Unity, the passenger-carrying part of Virgin’s space vehicle, completed its seventh glide flight, after a break of several months. During that downtime, Virgin’s engineers worked on testing and analysis, and made some small modifications to the vehicle, to ensure its “readiness for the higher loads and forces of powered test flight,” according to the company blog.


AOPA Offers Midair Safety Seminars

AOPA Offers Midair Safety Seminars »

Pilots may think that talking to ATC or using ADS-B protects them from midair collisions, but mistakes still can happen, and they can be fatal. AOPA’s Air Safety Institute is taking on the midair threat in a big way, offering in-person seminars at 48 sites across the U.S. this year. “What we hope pilots take away from this seminar is that even if you are doing everything right, you can find yourself in a situation where you are closer in proximity to other airplanes than you realize,” said Richard McSpadden, executive director of the AOPA Air Safety Institute.


Scholarships Available For Aviation Careers

Scholarships Available For Aviation Careers »

Students of all ages who are working toward a career in aviation can find scholarships available from a wide range of sources. GAMA said last week it is now accepting applications from high school students for its Edward W. Stimpson “Aviation Excellence” Award, named for the organization’s founder. The $2,000 award will go to a graduating high school senior who has been accepted into an aviation degree program.


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