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AVwebFlash, now published 150 times yearly (three times weekly on Monday, Thursday and Friday) covers a wide range of aviation news from the U.S. and around the world. AVweb is the originator of e-newsletters for the GA marketplace.

AVwebFlash subscribers are 120,000 affluent decision makers — owner-pilots who fly and buy.

Respected internationally since 1995 as the world’s leading independent source of GA news, AVwebFlash is focused on general aviation — including corporate and owner-flown jets and turboprops; piston twins; and singles — experimental and LSAs.

Almost everyone who flies GA aircraft visits AVweb.com or subscribes to AVwebFlash.

Pilots and GA business leaders respect and depend on AVweb’s news judgment. In fact, AVweb news items and editorial blogs are often re-published by our major competitors.

AVwebFlash news briefs are easy-to-read, hard-hitting summaries; podcast interviews; video pilot reports; video product analyses; and thoughtful blogs for subscribers who need to stay on top of fast-breaking events.

High-impact, video-capable advertising in AVwebFlash places your products and services in front of aircraft owners and pilots of all skill levels over 150 times yearly. AVweb subscribers are loyal readers — and AVweb is highly habit-forming for aviators who are serious about maintaining their skills, learning about new safety techniques, and keeping their aircraft current with the latest avionics, mods, and preventive maintenance.

Trade Show E-Newsletters

AVweb subscribers want up-to-the-minute product news from major trade shows. They are early adopters of new workload-reducing technologies and products — and are among the world’s best informed consumers.

Video-rich AVwebFlash trade show issues are published and e-mailed to the entire AVwebFlash subscriber list each day of major GA trade shows, including Sun ‘n Fun, EAA AirVenture, AOPA Summit and NBAA.

AVwebFlash trade show editors cover all of the significant product news, events, and announcements at these shows — producing text, photos, and numerous videos including flight demos, interviews, and product overviews.

AVwebFlash trade show issues are highly sought after and often sell out all available space well before show time.

Ad Frequency & Format Options

Advertisers can choose from standard graphic and text ad packages that will reach AVwebFlash subscribers twice monthly or four, six, eight, or ten times monthly.

  • Sponsor announcements include a 120×120-pixel inline image (non-animated) plus 75 words of ad copy and a link to your web site, video, or landing page.
  • Or you can choose the 300×250-pixel big box ad format with full image area edge-to-edge. This format is encouraged for video launchers or ads with large graphics and smaller emphasis on text.
  • You can also choose from among several custom premium advertising formats, including:
    • 728×90 leaderboards at the top and/or bottom
    • 300×600 skycrapers
    • video advertorial flights
    • … and other combinations that make AVweb advertising the most flexible available in GA publishing
  • We include our standard 125×125-pixel web site banners at no charge for e-newsletter advertisers. Rotating banner counts range from 35,000 impressions per month to 150,000.