MyGoFlight 'RapidPower by ...' RapidCharger Campaign

RapidCharger || 28 volts, 2.4 amps || Available from MyGoFlight

RapidPower™ by MyGoFlight
New! RapidPower™ charging in the air and on the ground. RapidCharger™ 28V DualMicro: The first Dual USB 4.5-amp charger with 2.4- and 2.1-amp ports built for 28-volt systems. Rapidly charge an iPad and an ADS-B receiver at the same time. RapidCharger™ Wall: The first Quad USB 6.8-amp wall charger with two 2.4- and two 1-amp ports. These units were built by MyGoFlight to meet the power needs of pilots. For more information on RapidPower™, click here.

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